The Dream B&B for Cyclists

Recently, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine featured an article highlighting Swamp Rabbit Inn’s amenities and offerings for traveling cyclists. Swamp Rabbit Inn was founded by Wendy Lynam, a cyclists, and continues to cater to the needs of guests who want to explore and travel by bike. A traveling cyclists has different needs and desires than the typical B&B guest, and Swamp Rabbit Inn recognizes that.

“Diverse riding experiences, a mild climate, and the unique southern-mountain flavor make upstate South Carolina a must-visit biking destination. Ride the quiet country roads, scale the epic climbs, bomb down the thunderous Paris Mountain State Park, or keep it fun at the Gateway Park skills course. Prefer a slower pace? Take a relaxing pedal down the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 22-mile paved greenway trail connecting downtown Greenville with Travelers Rest, South Carolina.”

Read the entire article at Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.

John Nolan of Greenville History Tours Talks Touring Greenville by Streets and Eats

Check out my chat with John Nolan of Greenville History Tours. We talk about all things Greenville’s past, present and future!

About Greenville History Tours

Nolan started Greenville History Tours about 12 years ago and was the first tour company here in Greenville. The original tour Nolan started with was the West End Walking tour which is a about an hour and gives a general overview of Greenville from the early days of the textile era to things going on now to things that are about to happen. “I love being able to be the frontline of Greenville,” says Nolan. “You know, people come here for the first time and I get to be the cheerleader for Greenville.”

Nolan has since expanded his company with driving and culinary tours. The most popular tour by far is The Chef’s Table Culinary tour; Nolan’s first food tour. Nolan partnered with the Table 301 restaurant group to bring a new way for both locals and visitors to experience Greenville’s downtown. “It’s just a fun three hour, five restaurant sampling and so, I’ve gotten to the point where every one sells out,” says Nolan.

Check out all of Nolan’s tours here:

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Hand Signals Cyclists Want You To Know

Just like motorists use signals to indicate their next move, so do cyclists. However, instead of turn signal lights, cyclists use hand signals. With many cities now opening up their streets to cyclists with designated bike lanes it’s important for motorists to understand cycling hand signals when they see them. See below for three important hand signals all motorists should know, modeled by our cycling pal Marquette:


Hand Signal #1: Turning right


Hand Signal #2: Turning left


Hand Signal #3: Stopping or slowing

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • ALWAYS check your blindspots

  • Slow down. Never speed past a cyclist when driving around them

  • When parking, check your mirror before opening the door

  • Maintain a minimum of three feet of space from a cyclist

  • Check your blindspot before making a right turn

Not only is this information beneficial to the safety of cyclists riding amongst automobiles, but also to motorists themselves. Drivers, remember these tips next time you turn a bend and see a cyclist up ahead. Stay safe!

Carrie Counton Running for District 19 State Representative

Today we sat down with Carrie Counton running for SC State Representative in District 19. We met Carrie at Truck Inn Tuesday over the Summer and wanted to learn more about her campaign so she joined me on Facebook Live this week and we chat safe streets, public transportation and more …

Carrie is running against 22 year incumbent, Dwight Loftis, who opposed the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act H.3615 and eventually killed the bill. In a district that includes a long portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 20+ mile paved greenway trail that attracts many pedestrians and cyclists, protecting the safety of these citizens is an everyday concern.

Follow Carrie Counton’s campaign on her website and Facebook page. She will be on the ballot on November 6, 2018 for SC District 19 State Representative.

Thanks for watching and tune in next week Wednesday at noon on for another Facebook Live interview at Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties page and subscribe to be notified when we go live. #bikeinnbikeout

Jeff Bannister Talks Greenville and Travelers Rest Food Scenes

In this week's video, Greenville resident and "Chopped Grill Masters" competitor Jeff Rhino Bannister and I discuss our favorite restaurants in Greenville, SC and Travelers Rest, SC. 

About Jeff Bannister

Bannister is currently a resident of Greenville, but is originally from the small South Carolina town of Holly Hills. 25 years ago, he and his family left the country behind and headed here to the city where he started Bovinoche, the whole animal open fire cooking event in Columbia, SC. "We use some very unusual ways to cook animals," says Bannister. "It's whole cows, lambs, a bunch of other stuff." Bannister is known locally amongst the Greenville food scene, but he's known nationally from his TV appearances on shows like the Cooking Channel’s “Man, Fire, Food,” and Anthony Anderson’s “Anthony Eats America,” to Food Network’s “Chopped Grill Masters."

Greenville and Travelers Rest Food Scenes

"Greenville has got a great food scene and Travelers Rest has got one that's even, just...will blow your mind away," exclaims Bannister. Bannister continues to enjoy the rapidly growing food scene here in Greenville, but has been focusing on the one in Travelers Rest as of late; taking advantage of the smaller boutique establishments that push out high quality food and environments.

“That’s what’s so awesome about these local businesses, is the product is such quality and they’re there,” explains Lynn. “You develop this relationship with their food, and their product, but also with them.” Bannister notes that the food scene in Travelers Rest ten years ago was nonexistent in comparison to what it looks like today. With restaurants like Sidewall for pizza, Monkey Wrench Smokehouse for barbecue, the best cocktails in the upstate - according to Bannister - at Rocket Surgery, the cafe at Williams Hardware for sandwiches, and more.

Mentioned in Video

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Greenville One Center


Sidewall Pizza Company

Monkey Wrench Smokehouse

Rocket Surgery

Cafe at Williams Hardware

Hare & Field

Williamsburg Winery

Fat Canary

Be sure to check out the phenomenal food scenes gracing both Greenville and Travelers Rest if haven’t. Bon appétit!