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  1. Starting _____________________ date and __________ time,  Bike Shed LLC (“Owner”) is renting to ______________________________  (“Renter”) the following (the “Property”): Bike # ____ a Specialized Daily 3 seven speed bike, bike helmet and bike lock.
  2. Renter must return the Property to Owner by _______________ date and _________ time.
  3. Renter must use the Property only for the following purpose and wear helmet while: Bike Riding
  4. The rental rate is  $15.00/4 hours or $25.00/8 hours. Of the total,  100% is due at signing and credit card will be swiped to ensure that the bike is returned on the Property’s return date and time written above with no damage.
  5. Renter shall:
  • (a) return the Property in the same condition as provided to The Bike Shed at  1 Logan Street, Greenville, SC or our other specified properties detailed below, except for normal wear and tear if applicable; _______________________________________________ Return to the above stated property.
  • (b) owe Owner for any damage to the Property during the rental period;
  • (c) owe Owner for the full value of the Property if it is lost or stolen during the rental period. The Property’s estimated value is .
  • (d) not let anyone else use the Property without Owner’s written permission.
  1. Renter hereby releases Owner from any liability, loss or harm connected to Renter’s use of the Property.
  2. Renter promises to have taken reasonable steps (such as buying adequate insurance) to cover liabilities that could foreseeably arise from Renter’s use of the Property.
  3. This is the parties’ entire agreement on this matter, superseding all previous negotiations or agreements. It can only be changed by mutual written consent.
  4. The laws of the state of  govern this agreement and any disputes arising from it will be handled exclusively in courts in that state.
  5. Signing a copy of this agreement, physical or electronic, will have the same effect as signing an original.

Signature(s) Required:___________________________________(print name of renter)        __________date

___________________________________ Signature of Renter or Guardian (under 18)

_____ Bill My Room

_____ Cash

_____ Credit Card   __________________________ cc# ______exp.  _______ security code _____________zipcode