Best Bike-friendly Bars Around the U.S.


One thing we know for certain when it comes to cyclists is that they love two things: coffee and beer. Whether you’re traveling over the holidays or planning for a trip into the new year, our list of the best bike-friendly bars across the country will come in handy when building your “must-see/must-do” lists.

“The community feel at bike-friendly bars is great,” says Trek Travel guide, Marquette Edwards. “Cyclists love a cold brew at the end of a ride, so it’s nice to find a place where you can go to - decked out in your kit and all - and enjoy the company of other cyclists.”

Bike Dog Brewing // West Sacramento, CA

When you hear about four friends creating their own brewery from their shared passions of dogs, beers and bikes, what automatically comes to mind? For us, brilliant! Located in Sacramento - with two taproom locations - this neighborhood watering hole is a great spot for cycling enthusiasts and local dog owners alike looking to kick back with a cold craft beer. Both locations feature 18 taps - pulls made from colorful rubber bike handles - along with food options ranging from on-site food trucks to a full-service menu.


Outside Magazine didn’t name it the second best place in the world to have a beer and brat after a ride for nothing. If the giant gear on the sign outside doesn’t scream “bike-friendly place” the bikes aligning the walls inside will. Ride your bike right inside, store it up on the wall then chat with fellow cyclists about your ride over a beer and brat.


Birds Fly South // Greenville, SC

The Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville is a must ride for any cyclist, local and tourist alike. The popular 20+ mile paved trail runs between Greenville and Traveler’s Rest, and offers many alluring stops like Birds Fly South. Slightly off the trail sits this local brewery known for its range of inventive and traditional styles. Enjoy indoor/outdoor seating, live music, special events like movie Sundays and food options from either on-site food trucks or next door at White Duck Taco Shop. Also, a new extension is in the works that will connect the brewery directly to the trail, making it convenient for pedestrians and cyclists to get to and from it.

Caboose Brewing Company // Vienna, NE

After a 45+ mile ride on The Washington & Old Dominion Trail, a cold pint or two sounds just about right, doesn’t it? Luckily, Caboose Brewing Company is conveniently located right on the trail. Not only does Caboose offer an array of beers to choose from, they also serve wine, cider and locally sourced small plates. Caboose strongly encourages healthy living which was a major reason for why they choose to be situated along the W&OD Trail; to encourage folks to walk, run or bike for a beer. They even host running and biking groups as well as yoga classes on Wednesday mornings.

Over the Bar Bicycle Café // Pittsburgh, PA

Don’t be fooled by the cafe part at the end. This cafe isn’t serving up only coffee. Situated a short distance from the Southside Trail and the Great Allegheny Passage, cyclists flock to Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe for coffee AND tasty taps. If the name hasn’t convinced you that this place is about all things bikes then the stunning ceilings decked in bike art, the bike-themed menus and constantly packed bike racks most certainly will.

Flickr: Joe Flood

Flickr: Joe Flood

The New Belgium Brewery // Fort Collins, CO

It all began in 1988 with a man and his bike. After traveling through Europe on two fat tires, Jeff Lebesch, New Belgium Brewing Company founder, returned to Fort Collins inspired and ready to brew. The name of one of those first brews: Fat Tire. New Belgium Brewery’s core values have included bicycle advocacy, literally, from the very beginning. Don’t take our word for it though. They’ve been recognized as a platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Business by The League of American Bicyclists. So ride on over to this cycling-loving business for free taproom tours, various food trucks, live music, quality beer and of course a good ole time at a bike-friendly venue.

If you’ve come across any bike-friendly bars during your travels, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below. Be sure to check out our previous post on for a list of the best bike-friendly cafes around the country!