Sunday Funday Swamp Rabbit Inn Style

Sunday Funday Swamp Rabbit Inn Style

January 29, 2019

“And on the seventh day...” well, you know...

Sunday has long been known as a day set aside for rest and relaxation. Down here in Greenville, SC we take it seriously...yeah, that seriously. After a long work week of meetings, zooming around this booming little town and grinding away; my tired dogs always find their way back home; to the Swamp Rabbit Inn.

Un-Franchise Your Weekend

Wendy Lynam, Owner and Inn Keeper, welcomes you with open arms and sleek, southern hospitality. Quickly gaining traction over the last six years, “not your grandmother’s B & B,” is a must-stay for Greenville natives and visitors alike. With Sundays being known for brunch, wanting to catch some Z’s and feel the breeze, the Swamp Rabbit Inn is a picture perfect place for your weekend finale. Locally owned and ladled with modernity, un-franchise your weekend, and come stay with us.

Local, cozy, and just right

Nestled in the heart of downtown, all of Greenville’s best is a mere stroll or bike ride away. Park at the inn and let that carefree spirit of Greenville carry you on down the Reedy River. There you’ll find Greenville latenight staples such as: Halls Chophouse, Up On the Roof  or Vault and Vator (Greenville’s very own speakeasy) Shhhh, it’s the real deal! Grab a grade A burger, view Greenville’s skyline, or enjoy a black velvet nightcap at these locations!

Begin Your Day with a Bang

Check inn early to enjoy Greenville’s best! Hop on one of our rental bikes, head for the Swamp Rabbit Trail and ride down to the Swamp Rabbit Cafe’ & Grocery. There you can get the famed Green Machine smoothie or their decadent, stress-melting Lavender Doughnuts. Visit the fully organic and locally farmed produce store right next door while sipping your favorite Due South latte. Whether you want to sit and stay a while or get right back to biking, the Cafe’ is an ideal spot for getting a taste of Greenville’s local palate.

Historically Hampton

Hampton Station is the perfect spot in Greenville, just off the trail, where you can enjoy  food, drink, outdoor games, and browse the local businesses that call this area home.

Want to throw axes, eat a duck taco and drink craft beer all at the same time? Well, we don’t want to condone dangerous activity, but anything is possible at Hampton Station. This is THE spot for a fine sample of “off the beaten path” kind of fun! This “creative, collaborative community,” (wow that’s a mouthful) hosts cutting edge businesses like: Craft Axe Throwing, Birds Fly South Ale Project and White Duck Taco Shop. Hampton station has a little something for everyone. Bring your furbaby for a playdate in their awesome courtyard, or even drop them off at The Noble Dog Hotel in the same building! You can start your day with some yoga at the Flow Depot, or even get some gains in at Lion’s Roar Crossfit! View some local artists at work in ArtUp Studios or get a custom job done at Dapper Ink. This once abandoned cotton warehouse has become a beloved spot for friends and family to gather, have fun and relax on your Sunday Funday. This community holds countless stories of why Greenville is the number 3 “little big city” in the country. Yeah, that Greenville!

We’ve Got You, and Your Fam

You’ve shopped locally, viewed the skyline, biked the trails and dipped yourself into the Greenville stew. After your amazing day at Hampton Station,  trekking the Swamp Rabbit Trails, and reminiscing along the Reedy; all you’ve got left to do is soak it all in. End your day back at the Inn with a reasonable $80 nightly rate and wake up feeling refreshed, restored and renewed. Take THAT Monday!

You deserve the best, and we’ve got it waiting for you. Book your Sunday Funday Stay Now at Swamp Rabbit Inn, Greenville, South Carolina’s coolest downtown hotel alternative.

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