Triathlon Training Coach Marni Sumbal of Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition

When it comes to triathlon training there is no one better in our opinion that Marni Sumbal with Trimarni Coaching!  We love hosting her triathlon training camps at our Swamp Rabbit Lodge and her athletes at our Swamp Rabbit Inn TR as they come to train one on one with Marni and her husband Karel in Travelers Rest and Greenville County.

Marni just released her new book, Essential Sports Nutritionavailable on Amazon.  Check it out!

Sumbal's Triathlon Experience

Sumbal began as a swimmer; starting out late at age 11 then continuing all the way through college. After missing training for an event when she went to grad school, someone recommended that she run a marathon. Sumbal found the experience to be incredibly enjoyable and the challenge of such an endurance event to be motivating. Sumbal continued on to triathlons which then lead to her first Ironman in 2006. "It was the Ironman Florida," says Sumbal. "The distances for anybody who doesn't know is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and then you run a marathon at the end."

Sumbal is now an 11x Ironman triathlon finisher and 4x Ironman World Championship finisher. She holds a 10:06 Ironman PR. Her husband Karel is a category 1 cyclist turned 7x Ironman finisher, with 2 Ironman World Championship finishes and an Ironman PR of 9:13.

Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition

Taking her masters in exercise physiology, degree in dietetics and experience coaching athletes, Sumbal turned her passion into a career. Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition helps athletes reach performance goals without compromising health through effective coaching and nutrition strategies. They offer a variety of services:

Nutrition Services

Training Plans


Retul Bike Fit

Speaking and Writing

Trimarni Camps

As the business continued to grow, Sumbal knew she needed more help. In came her husband Karel - a bike mechanic, retool bike fitter and Trek Bicycle Store GM - to help with the coaching side along with their assistant coach. "When we came here, there was so much that Greenville had to offer," says Sumbal. "We wanted to bring people here, so we said it was perfect for private and group training camps for triathletes and cyclists."

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Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition


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