Make Your Move Inn Greenville! Thinking About A Move to Greenville SC?

It’s that time.

Fat robins are waddling across the front lawns and backyards of Greenville.  Fat squirrels are feasting on front lawn and backyard pecans.  Fat cyclists are doing hill repeats on Paris Mountain.  Fat Swamp Rabbits (ahem) are steering clear of the chocolate factory.

Spring is coming.

Mating season and racing season are upon us!  All kinds of nesting is happening.  If moving your nest is on the agenda, springtime is a fine time!


If you haven’t spent much time on the East Coast you may never have heard the term “half back” applied to anything other than a position on a football team.  But in the region surrounding the Southern Appalachians a “half back" is someone who came from the colder North to try life in sunny Florida for awhile and then moved 'half way back'  to settle in the “just right” zone near the Blue Ridge mountains.  Greenville SC is smack in the middle of halfback central.  I've been directing my overheated rabbit relatives to the cool banks of the Reedy River for years!

Thinking about a move to Greenville SC?  If you are planning to relocate to Greenville you are in good company!  Over 245 international companies from 20 countries call Greenville home, including 170 corporate headquarters.



Beginning with a Great American Main Street Award, Greenville has made more ’best of’  top ten lists than any of us can count.  Strategically situated between Charlotte and Atlanta, each about two hours away, it’s “just right” to raise a family, start a business, make a career move, or retire, relax and just enjoy.  Shiny new living spaces are going up all over the county to accommodate folks who want to get in on our renaissance.  Spacious housing developments are sprouting in the ‘burbs, urbanite condos are dotting the downtown area, and historic mill campuses are being transformed into hip apartments.  Choices abound!

Main and Stone


And just how will you occupy your time when you get here?  Did you know we have 200 annual events in Greenville?  In addition to great cycling amenities there are 51 golf courses in the area and 300 waterfalls to hike to.  Mild weather, great healthcare services and top ranked schools like the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities and Furman University complete the package.



furman university

During our first two years it has been our pleasure to be a welcoming part of the relocation process for many new Greenville residents!  The Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties offer several options for comfy, convenient places to land for a longterm stay while you check things out, poke around, get acquainted, and get your bearings while your new burrow get sorted.  Our staff is knowledgeable and can point you toward the practical services and assistance to help complete the transition.


Greenville is all about growth.  If you choose to plant yourself here, we’ll do our part to help you bloom!

Meet Percy the Swamp Rabbit of the Swamp Rabbit Inn


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