Wonders of Greenville's West End - A Rabbit's Eye View

While winter did indeed get around to visiting Greenville, General Beauregard Lee and Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, PLUS, it’s Valentine’s week, SO, what better time to take a stroll in the West End and see what’s what!  I’ll share with you a few of the sights that caught my eye.

Of course I picked one of the chilliest, most blustery days to get my hop and shop on.  Lucky for me, Swamp Rabbits come with a fur coat as standard issue!  I know!  How about we start with a little coffee to warm up?  Bex Café is one of the newest editions to the West End and if you walk straight up to Main from the Swamp Rabbit Inn, cozy classic, Bex is the first business you come to on the corner.  How perfect is that?!

Fluffing my fur as I head out with my cuppa, I’m not thinking beach time, but Splash on Main does have the right attitude!  It’s cruise wear season in swimsuit world and Splash has the fashion to get you set for the Lido Deck.

Coming up on Custard and Mainstream they are definitely feeling the love.  Such cute dresses they both have too!  Lots of special sales in the West End this week involving pink and red so be sure to check in with your favorites.


The old and new mingle in this historic district.  A lot of cranes towering over the details of a more ornate era.  A little too early for a drink, but,  On the Roxx will be ready and waiting when we are!

Be still my heart!  Free books!  travel books!  Out in front of Joe’s Place Bookstore.  They decided to lighten the inventory a bit for Valentine’s Day.  How generous!  Ooh, here’s one on the Amazon, the Nile… That’s it!  I could start a travel agency for Swamp Rabbits.  Destination: the world’s great rivers.  I’ll call it  “Hare Travel”!  Moving on… It’s getting a bit…froggy out here.  Did you guys lose your way back to the Reedy?  A little froyo for the Blueberry Frog and this escapee from Christopher Park Gallery found the bar at Rainer’s Café to rewet his whistle.  Just another frog king having a smoke!  Pace yourself, buddy; it's early.

Meanwhile, across the street in Provence…, er, Postcard From Paris and Vintage Now Modern, I’ll peruse the shabby chic and sublime finds for some home décor to liven up the burrow and maybe delight some friends with the perfect stylish accent. Oui, oui, mon cheri!

But what about the kitchen?  Oh this is lovely!  My people!  Now I have everybunny on my Valentine list covered!  Rainbow carrots, my favorite!  Thank you, Cook’s Station!

Speaking of greens… Crossing over to Augusta Street, a restaurant after my own heart, hearts of romaine, one hopes!  Green Lettuce, organic and so fresh.  Ahhh.

Now that we’ve grazed a bit, next door, eclectic fashion and all kinds of interesting items delight the eye in Emporium.  This is a fun shop.  My uncle Roger will love this lamp!  I could spend hours in here!

Perhaps we should catch a show tonight at the Warehouse Theatre.  I love Chekhov!  Always something interesting to see here!  We can have a bite of sushi at Purple beforehand ( I love a seaweed salad!).  Everything on the menu is a feast for the senses and as you can see, rabbit approved!

Evidence that spring is on the way is found at Augusta 20.  Their windows are in the perfect place to catch the late afternoon sun so all their accessories gleam and sparkle.  Sandals and soft colors are on display!

Spring can't get here fast enough?  How about we duck into the spa to take the edge off that cabin fever (please don't actually let the ducks in - noisy!).  That robe looks so cozy!  The Spa At the West End has the full compliment of spa and salon services to give you back your glow.


How could I blog without a nod to the bike?  Carolina Triathlon  has something in my size!  In the same block,  the event venues Zen and Old Cigar Warehouse have set the scene for many a happy memory for  Wedding party guests of the Swamp Rabbit Inn.

Speaking of cycles, not to be outdone, Edward Jones provides us with a late winter still-life:  Frozen Water Dish w/ Schwinn.  The Trolley will save me the hop back to the Falls on the Reedy.

I hope you enjoyed our tour around the West End!  A little wild, a little weird an a whole lotta warm and wonderful.  Come on down and fall in love!

Meet Percy the Swamp Rabbit of the Swamp Rabbit Inn


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