We're Only as Cool as our Guests Who Stay At This Greenville, SC Bed and Breakfast - Which Means We're Really Cool!


What makes a house a home?  What makes a hotel memorable, unique, a home away from home?  You would probably say a lot of the same things for both.  First of all, one needs to feel at ease, comfortable, welcome.  Next on the list, for most, would include feeling appreciated and valued.  Last but not least, most of us want to be in an aesthetically pleasing setting that sets a tone of style and fun.  The Swamp Rabbit Inn accomplishes all these goals by providing an environment that is both calm and energizing, casual and bright, and squeaky clean with an air of contemporary European design.  The spaces are open, warm and full of light, just like our staff and the combination encourages guests to make themselves at home and enjoy their stay in their own way.  We love the people who choose to stay at this Greenville, SC bed and breakfast!


Which brings us to the real secret of our success:  our guests!  We simply have the coolest guests ever!  So far in our short history we have had the pleasure of  hosting an eclectic mix of fun and tremendously Inn-teresting people!  From the many local groups who use the Inn as a hub for meetings or a venue for day long events to the visitors from far and wide, around the globe who come to Greenville for business, pleasure or both, to the wedding parties, families, companies, teams and organizations who take over the whole place for a night, weekend or longer, all have added their character to the ‘house’ and contribute to its unique identity and presence as a West End urban gem.  Add to that our own events: Truck Inn Tuesdays, Hoptoberfest, Tuesday Morning Latte Rides, Holiday Hoppenings,... and the result is a hum of activity that represents the best of Greenville. 


We've met chefs and playwrights, cyclists and journalists, Googlers and musicians, activists and entrepreneurs, CEOs, developers and students.  Below is a sampling of the vibrant folks who have passed through our doors since they opened less than two whirlwind years ago.




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Swamp rabbit Inn hotel in downtown Greenville SC


Googlers stay at the Swamp Rabbit Inn bed and breakfast in downtown Greenville SC

Swamp Rabbit Inn hotel alternative in Greenville SC

bed and breakfast Greenville SC

Greenville Bed and Breakfast Swamp Rabbit Inn

Thank you for making us part of your adventures.  We look forward to seeing y'all again!  Can't wait to see who we meet next year!

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