Exercising Options in Greenville, SC Near the Swamp Rabbit Inn

DSCN0691 "Oh the weather outside is..." Meh.  We have to admit, sometimes conditions aren't perfect for cycling here in Greenville.  While there are the diehards, the intrepid ones, who think toughing it out through sleet, snow, drizzle, wind... builds character, others of us (go ahead, call me a fair weather cyclist!) like getting in our workouts with a little less drama.  Also, we know that plenty of the folks who stay with us at the Swamp Rabbit Properties couldn't give a fig about cycling, period, and that's okay!  Then there are those "mixed marriages" of cyclist/non-cyclist traveling together.   No worries!  Greenville has you covered!  There are many exercising options in Greenville, SC near the Swamp Rabbit Inn, most within walking distance.  Also, many offer traveler's rates or one day rates.  So let's get you acquainted with some of Downtown Greenville's indoor exercise fun.

First and closest option to the Swamp Rabbit Inn, is practically across the street.  You could throw a rock at it from the porch (You could. I can't throw; I'm a rabbit).  The gorgeous Kroc Center is a 20 acre facility with grounds for all manner of field sports and indoor options.  They have a lap pool and recreation pool, full gym equipment, multipurpose gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, and tennis center.  Many types of movement classes like  Zumba and Hydro Tone are available as well as swimming lessons for all levels and ages, plus tennis and soccer lessons and camps.  You can enjoy the weather through the giant windows while you sweat safely inside.


Zanti Power Yoga is right around the corner from the Inn ( S. Main at Perry) and a classy, cozy spot to get your hot yoga on.  Classes are available in many temperatures and speeds to fit your stretchy/bendy needs.  Ten minutes on foot, door to door, tops.  Boom!  Soul Yoga is also open in the Swamp Rabbit Cross Fit Building and also in the same building check out Physio Health Studio PT where Dr. Harry  Dinwiddie will get you back on your game!

For you urban warriors, Crossfit Reaction is also right around the corner, even closer than Zanti, at 9 Ferguson, and Swamp Rabbit Crossfit  (my little brother, Spike, posed for the logo) is a mere ten minute jog up the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Both offer the array of crossfit options, coaching, personal training, open sessions and classes.  Take that, Winter!

Hanging from the ceiling in graceful or contemplative positions is great fun and great training!  MAYA Movement Arts, located at 201 Smythe near the Swamp Rabbit Cafe will get you swinging like a bat in no time.  They offer acro-yoga, aerial yoga, mysore ashtanga yoga, hoop dance, belly dance and more.  Go fly!

Barre, the fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga is the latest thing in fitness and we've got that close at hand too! Barre Evolution can be found just off S. Main at 400 E. McBee and is the place for a high intensity, low impact, full body workout.  A healthier way to 'hang out at the barre'!

Looking for something more exotic to maybe practice by the fire when you get home?  Downtown Greenville Pole, Exotic, Chair and Lap Dance at West End Dance Company will take the chill off your winter blues!  No description required.  Twenty one and over only, please!  Find them at 21 Augusta Road, naturally!  Perfect for Bachelorette parties!

Did we get too fancy?  Just want a gym to go workout?  Of course we've got that!  Both off Main Street, also easily walkable, Carolina Fitness, and Anytime Fitness provide all the pushing/pulling plates and cable classics you know and love.

Many of these folks have complimentary 'first time free' offers.  Please check their websites for more info.

Whew!  I'm exhausted!  Time to hit a nice restaurant, maybe get a drink and then have a long nap.  Thank goodness I needn't hop far!  It's all Inn the neighborhood around the Swamp Rabbit Inn!

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