You Look SO HOT! Let's Get Wet! In the Swim in Greenville

When summer hits The South, it's hot.  We can't deny the humidity is high.  The Sun here does not play... but Southerners do!  We hit the water. We are simply surrounded with fresh water options, both natural and manmade, so it's easy to find a place to swim in Greenville.


As we mentioned in a previous post, most visitors travel to Greenville to get outside so let's start with outdoor water, then we'll get to indoor and indoor/outdoor and even where to get your little ones proficient in the water so they can safely swim in Greenville and wherever else they please!


Jump in!  To a Swimming hole!  Yeah we've got those!  Long Shoals Wayside Park is off the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway. It's a little east of Lake Keowee, part of Poe Creek State Forest, which overlooks Little Eastatoee Creek. There are flat, gently sloping shoals to slide down into the creek waters.  This area is also of interest if you like to fish for trout!  Trails lead off the parking lot and there are picnic tables nearby to gather around.

Twin Falls/ Reedy Creek Cove

Reedy Cove Creek, just north of Table Rock State Park also has a cool deep swimming hole and other more shallow swimming areas.  This area is also known for its Twin Falls Trail, so it makes for a lovely day out.


Our lakes are postcard perfect (and social media perfect)!  From canoes and paddle boards to motorboats and fishing we've got acres of water for your favorite water sports.  Nearest and dearest to the city center, Paris Mountain State Park, was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The renovated bathhouse, now called the Park Center, presides over the lakes and swimming areas used by Camp Buckhorn.  Paddleboats, canoes and kayaks are available for rent here, so there is something for everyone.

paris water

Table Rock State Park is another nearby gem for fun and frolic in the water. It features two lakes, camping, cabins and is the trailhead for the 80-mile long Foothills Trail.

table rock

Lake Keowee, Lake Joccasee  and Lake Hartwell all offer the full compliment of water recreation options to keep everyone cool in their favorite fashion, so do investigate these links to plan a happy day.


Bathing in a predictable pool more your style?  Right this way!  Oh, wait, your kids want to know where to play right now!... let's shortcut a moment and send them HERE.  Water parks aplenty await.  For a baseball theme, 7th Inning Splash will amuse from splash pads, to pools, to slides.

7th inning

Discovery Island, also operated by Greenville County Rec, with its lazy river, playground, water slides and flow rider wave simulator will not disappoint.  Otter Creek is known for being delightfully accessible and popular with the littler kiddos.

lazy river

Ready for a "real" pool?  Maybe some lessons available?  Our YMCA facilities are the first stop.  Caine Halter Y and Greenville Health System Family Y have outdoor pools.  Caine, GHS, and Eastside Y have indoor pools as well.  Find all the lessons they offer HERE.

Caine Halter Y

The Westside Aquatic Complex (Oooh , shiny!)  operated by Greenville County Rec. also has athletic fields in the surrounding Westside Park for the water-averse in your tribe.  But, considering it boasts a tournament facility, folks tend to come here for some serious swimming. Check out the link for all, all, ALL they have to offer.

Kroc Center, or The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center (whew!)  makes you feel more fit and, frankly, a little taller, more attractive, etc. just walking into the place.  It's a total athletic recreation complex with various fields and gyms adjacent.  With classes for "Krocadilos, Krockies and Krocodiles" they have everyone covered, including Sail Prep classes for those bound for open water.  Lap pool, Zero entry, whirlpool spa and a groovy indoor/outdoor slide make this place an oasis year-round.

Kroc lessons

Taking a last side trip outside to wrap up our aquatic adventure... The natural funzone, Sliding Rock pictured below, is just over the border in Asheville NC, a short hop from the Swamp Rabbit Inn.  It's a favorite of the Innkeeper and regional landmark so we couldn't leave it out.

slippery when wet

Craving a dip?  Feeling cool and damp yet?  Can I offer you a towel?  I hope this post has inspired you to pack your swim trunks in your travel trunk, or heck, go skinny dippin', we won't tell!  No need to melt under the Southern sun  - at least not on dry land.  Getting wet is easy if you wish to swim in Greenville so dive inn!  If you forgot your sunscreen Miss Lisa has some in the Bike Shed.

Meet Percy the Swamp Rabbit of the Swamp Rabbit Inn