John Nolan of Greenville History Tours Talks Touring Greenville by Streets and Eats

Check out my chat with John Nolan of Greenville History Tours. We talk about all things Greenville’s past, present and future!

About Greenville History Tours

Nolan started Greenville History Tours about 12 years ago and was the first tour company here in Greenville. The original tour Nolan started with was the West End Walking tour which is a about an hour and gives a general overview of Greenville from the early days of the textile era to things going on now to things that are about to happen. “I love being able to be the frontline of Greenville,” says Nolan. “You know, people come here for the first time and I get to be the cheerleader for Greenville.”

Nolan has since expanded his company with driving and culinary tours. The most popular tour by far is The Chef’s Table Culinary tour; Nolan’s first food tour. Nolan partnered with the Table 301 restaurant group to bring a new way for both locals and visitors to experience Greenville’s downtown. “It’s just a fun three hour, five restaurant sampling and so, I’ve gotten to the point where every one sells out,” says Nolan.

Check out all of Nolan’s tours here:

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