Hand Signals Cyclists Want You To Know

Just like motorists use signals to indicate their next move, so do cyclists. However, instead of turn signal lights, cyclists use hand signals. With many cities now opening up their streets to cyclists with designated bike lanes it’s important for motorists to understand cycling hand signals when they see them. See below for three important hand signals all motorists should know, modeled by our cycling pal Marquette:


Hand Signal #1: Turning right


Hand Signal #2: Turning left


Hand Signal #3: Stopping or slowing

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • ALWAYS check your blindspots

  • Slow down. Never speed past a cyclist when driving around them

  • When parking, check your mirror before opening the door

  • Maintain a minimum of three feet of space from a cyclist

  • Check your blindspot before making a right turn

Not only is this information beneficial to the safety of cyclists riding amongst automobiles, but also to motorists themselves. Drivers, remember these tips next time you turn a bend and see a cyclist up ahead. Stay safe!