Perfect Day in Greenville, SC - Hiking in Greenville

Want to go hiking in Greenville, SC?  Many an article (among all those “10 best…” articles) about Greenville begins with something like this: “Nestled at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains…”  and that we are!  Like the song says “Climb every mountain!”  Around here that could keep you busy for awhile. Which means we have lots of places to go hiking in Greenville. (above photo: Justin Bowers)

As always we like to start with breakfast, and well, when you know you have a big day ahead it’s wise to fuel up in serious way.


Eggs Up Grill is just a few blocks up from the Inn at 31 Augusta St. and will fill you up with a big classic breakfast.


Then there’s Biscuit Head which, if you like biscuits, is out of this world.  If you don’t want to start your day by hiking to breakfast it’s about 8 minutes away by car at 823 S Church St.

If you need to pick up sandwiches for a picnic in the wild may we suggest Groucho’s Deli at 20 E Coffee just off  N Main downtown or Rick’s Deli at 101 Falls Park Dr. just off S Main downtown.


Something to talk about over breakfast, perhaps, is whether or not you need gear.  While we do have an REI, Cabela’s, and Appalachian Outfitter all nearby we always like to give a shout out to our friends at Sunrift Adventures because it is a local hub of activity and a beautiful store full of warm, helpful people.  It’s in the direction of the mountains at 1 Center Street in Travelers Rest.   

While you’re munching on that strip of bacon or that waffle you can decide if you want to stay close to town or make it more of a day trip going towards North Carolina.  First the nearby trails.


Paris Mountain State Park is right in town.  It’s the big hill with the towers on it that you saw coming in.  It has all kinds of activities to indulge in and 9 hiking trails from easy to strenuous, some of which do double duty as mountain bike trails.  One trail includes 400 feet of climbing and another will take you around the lake.  Click the link for a handy dandy map!  At 2401 State Park Rd.


Lake Conestee Nature Park is about 20 minutes southeast of town.  It’s full of wildlife viewing opportunities, waterfalls, and offers guided birding walks every third Saturday of the month. There are paved and unpaved trails where you can even find a place called Sparkleberry Island.  Click the link for info on family friendly events and more. At 840 Mauldin Rd.


Pleasant Ridge Park is a little ways to the north and past Travelers Rest in Marietta. This smaller park has the feel of being more remote than it actually is.  It includes a 5.4 mile unpaved loop plus a fishing lake, shelter, and  playground.  Click the link for schedules and maps.  At 4232 Hwy. 11 in Marietta.


Table Rock State Park a little farther west down Hwy 11 from Pleasant Ridge you will come to majestic table Rock. The trail will take you past waterfalls to the stunning view atop Table Rock.  Click the link for particulars. At 158 Ellison Ln in Pickens.


Caesar’s Head State Park  Fifty miles of trail options to choose from!  A major attraction here is the 2 mile Raven Cliff Falls trail which leads to a suspension bridge overlooking the 420-foot Raven Cliff Falls.  And, of course, there’s the view from Caesar’s Head overlook.  Click the link for the details. At 8155 Geer Hwy in Cleveland SC.


Dupont State Forest is a favorite of our Innkeeper.  And it is gorgeous.  More than 10,000 acres worth!  Just another half hour north of Caesar’s Head and across the North Carolina state line.  Again this spot is known for its trails that lead past waterfalls, and waterfalls, and…  There are also trails for horses, and mountain bikes.  The link has all the info you’ll need.  At 1300 Staton Road, Cedar Mountain, NC.

Burned a few calories have we? All that fresh air given you an appetite?  As always, plenty of restaurants to choose from in bustling Greenville but we’ll focus on some meatier selections below.


Halls Chophouse for that Steak with a capital S.  Upscale with a lovely view of the Reedy River and Riverwalk.  You’ll find something here to sink your teeth into.  At 550 S. Main.


Grill Marks for every kind of burger you ever dreamed of and some you didn’t!  All the fixins plus a bar that serves ice cream treats as well as cocktails.  At  209 S Main.


Ink ’n’ Ivy  has that large American menu where everyone can find something to make them very happy.  If you’re up for it it has several floors, bars and seating options including a rooftop bar to enjoy some nightlife atmosphere.  At 21 E. Coffee.

Sound like a full day?  We hope you had lots of fun exploring, adventuring, and hiking in Greenville.  Now go lie down before you fall down!



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