Metal Work with Ryan Calloway of Creative Ironworks

Wendy chats with Blacksmith Artist Ryan Calloway of Creative Ironworks and Artistry Workshops & Gallery about how he got into metal work, living in New Orleans, and coming home to Greenville.

Introduction to Metal Work

Upon graduating high school, Calloway knew two things: one, he wasn’t necessarily motivated to attend college and two, he liked to use his hands. Greenville Technical college is where Calloway was introduced to the world of industrial welding which then led him to ornamental ironwork. Afterwards Calloway headed to New Orleans where he spent seven years learning about restoration and the ins and outs of welding from a local artist. “He kinda, you know, showed me that way,” said Calloway. “How to deal with clients, and reach out to people, and laying projects.”

Photo credit: Creative ironworks

Photo credit: Creative ironworks

Return to Greenville

When Calloway, his wife Amy and their son Miles decided to leave New Orleans, they originally had Asheville in mind, but Greenville won in the end. “Greenville was so hip and cool at the time, and we knew it was coming, so we decided to play some stakes here and it’s been really fun,” said Calloway. Calloway knew he wanted to change up his business; focus more on high-end work, interiors and art work. The Artistry Workshops & Gallery was founded in an effort to create and make metal parts, which made it a perfect place for Calloway to setup shop.

Be sure to check out Calloway’s works around town and at upcoming events hosted by The Artistry Workshops & Gallery which you can find here.

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