Metal Work with Ryan Calloway of Creative Ironworks

Wendy chats with Blacksmith Artist Ryan Calloway of Creative Ironworks and Artistry Workshops & Gallery about how he got into metal work, living in New Orleans, and coming home to Greenville.

Introduction to Metal Work

Upon graduating high school, Calloway knew two things: one, he wasn’t necessarily motivated to attend college and two, he liked to use his hands. Greenville Technical college is where Calloway was introduced to the world of industrial welding which then led him to ornamental ironwork. Afterwards Calloway headed to New Orleans where he spent seven years learning about restoration and the ins and outs of welding from a local artist. “He kinda, you know, showed me that way,” said Calloway. “How to deal with clients, and reach out to people, and laying projects.”

Photo credit: Creative ironworks

Photo credit: Creative ironworks

Return to Greenville

When Calloway, his wife Amy and their son Miles decided to leave New Orleans, they originally had Asheville in mind, but Greenville won in the end. “Greenville was so hip and cool at the time, and we knew it was coming, so we decided to play some stakes here and it’s been really fun,” said Calloway. Calloway knew he wanted to change up his business; focus more on high-end work, interiors and art work. The Artistry Workshops & Gallery was founded in an effort to create and make metal parts, which made it a perfect place for Calloway to setup shop.

Be sure to check out Calloway’s works around town and at upcoming events hosted by The Artistry Workshops & Gallery which you can find here.

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Tammy Johnson of High Spirits Hospitality Talks Entrepreneurship With Wendy Lynam

Wendy sits down to chat with entrepreneur Tammy Johnson, CEO of High Spirits Hospitality, about her success as an entrepreneur and her latest business venture here in Greenville.

Who is Tammy Johnson?

Like many here in Greenville, Johnson is a transplant coming all the way from Houston, TX. Back in 2005 while working in Charleston, an old co-worker convinced Johnson to come check Greenville out for herself. “I drove down Main St. on a Friday night, a Friday right before Christmas,” said Johnson. “Drove into town and drove down Main St. and I saw the lights and I just feel in love with this town.”

Since opening her first business here in Greenville back in January 2011, Liquid Catering, Johnson has transformed into quite the successful serial entrepreneur, adding three other local businesses to her repertoire.

Johnson acquired Old Cigar Warehouse back in 2013 after having her own wedding reception there. This event venue is located in the West End and holds over 150 events a year. Venturing into this new sector, Johnson understood that security was an absolute. After having fired three security companies, she decided to simply start her own.

In late 2014, Johnson partnered with a friend who had recently retired from the Greenville Police Department and they started Bravo1 Protection. This private security company provides both armed and unarmed security guards to protect people, places and assets.

“I love how you see a need and then you fill it and then, you expand and again, you see another need and you expand,” I praised. “That’s entrepreneurship,” replied Johnson. Johnson is a great example of someone who isn’t afraid to take leaps and make things happen. We can’t wait to see what this entrepreneur ventures into next!


Topside Pool Club

Did you know their was a rooftop pool right in Downtown Greenville? Well now you do! Topside Pool Club opened in July 2017 and is located right above Jianna restaurant on South Main St. Although it is primarily an adult social club, they do have sanctioned swim times for kids; making them, as Johnson would say, “an urban country club environment.” For a monthly fee starting at $60, members can enjoy all-day pool access on the weekends, happy hours Thursday – Friday starting at 3:00 p.m., a swim-up bar and access to numerous member events like The Bachelorette finale viewing party.

To join, you can go to to fill out a membership application. Once you apply, they’ll check out your background (confirm you’re no creeper ), pass it along to the membership committee to approve, have you sign a membership agreement then BAM, you’re all set!

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Local Guidebook and App for Cycling in Greenville


The fast-growing city of Greenville, SC - situated between Atlanta and Charolette - has garnered worldwide attention for it’s cycling culture. Over the years, the city has focused its efforts on transforming its downtown into one both locals and tourists alike would flock to. With the addition of the 20+ mile Swamp Rabbit Trail, the superb culinary scene, local breweries aplenty and art galleries to die for, what cyclist could resist coming for a visit.

As glistening as Greenville is, the city alone can’t take full credit for creating the cycling culture it represents today. Cycling superstar George Hincapie played a major part when he decided to make Greenville his home and training ground in 1999. “I have cycled all around the globe, and Greenville reminds me most of the cycling in California, Spain and Italy,” wrote Hincapie in the forward for Cycling Greenville SC. “The abundance of 4-6 miles climbs, rolling hills and Blue Ridge Mountains are reminiscent of what is found in Tuscany and near my former home in Girona (Spain).” Since then, Hincapie has opened a cycling hotel, started an annual gran fondo, created a high-end sportswear line and coaches his developmental team, all here in … you guessed it: Greenville, SC.

So assuming we’ve convinced you to come to Greenville for a grand cycling adventure (let’s not kid ourselves, we both know you’ve already booked your flight) we recommend purchasing a copy of Cycling Greenville SC: Road Biking, Mountain Biking, Swamp Rabbit Trail, Bike Touring to guide you through some of the best cycling in the country.



Written by our very own Wendy Lynam and forward provided by Hincapie himself, Cycling Greenville SC will guide you through the best bike rides in and around the city. This guidebook has something for everyone whether you’re looking for rolling hills, steep climbs, flat bike paths or mountain bike tracks. BONUS! Sift through pages on pages of advice and recommendations from leaders of the Greenville community. You want a local’s perspective? This book is just that!

What started off as a list of recommended bike rides for Lynam’s guests at The Swamp Rabbit Inn turned into a guidebook for everyone. Enjoy exploring Greenville on two wheels!


Do you wish you could take Cycling Greenville SC along on your rides? Now you can with the app version! With the Cycling Greenville app - developed by Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties - you have the guidebook at your fingertips at all times. Pull up the 20+ trails and routes while on the go with turn by turn directions through the Ride With GPS app. Descriptions, ratings and estimated riding times accompany each. If you need a last minute bike rental, just open the app to book a bike from The Bike Shed At The Swamp Rabbit Inn.

The Cycling Greenville app also lists spots worth stopping at like on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. From the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery for coffee to Furman University’s idyllic campus to the Swamp Rabbit Brewery in Travelers Rest for a refreshing brew. If you’re headed here for a cycling adventure you might as well stay at the best cycling-friendly hotels which you can also find through the app. All Swamp Rabbit Inn properties are walking distance to downtown and situated on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.




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Talking All Things Coffee With Methodical Coffee's Will Shurtz

Shurtz’s Coffee Beginnings

Before the dream of Methodical Coffee became a reality, there was Vagabond Barista. Shurtz was finishing up school online, traveling around with a band and working at coffee shops in town during his free time when he realized he wanted to make coffee for a living. At age 19, Shurtz started Vagabond Barista. “I didn’t necessarily have the money to build out a whole cafe or to hire a bunch of baristas,” said Shurtz. “So I was like, ‘I’ll just take what I have - I have the brewing equipment - and I’ll just go to people.’”

Shurtz took Vagabond everywhere for about three years, from events to offices to schools all over the country. His philosophy was to do pour over coffee in glassware so people could experience coffee being made by hand.

About Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee consists of three key players: Will Shurtz, Marco Suarez and David Baker. Shurtz meet Suarez when he helped with the branding for Vagabond and he meet Baker when he attended a coffee tasting Shurtz was hosting. The three brought their talents together to create the Methodical Coffee you all know and love today.

Methodical Coffee opened in February 2015 and has since made quite a name for itself. Not only has it been named the most beautiful cafe in South Carolina, it’s been featured in publications like National Geographic, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, and more.

What’s next on the horizon for Methodical Coffee? Watch the video and find out!

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