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I sold my farm this week ... but I will always be a farm girl at heart.  I grew up in Wisconsin, America's Dairyland and my mom had a huge garden that fed our family of six kids.  She made us help with weeding, picking and preparing the food we grew.  We also had chickens growing up. For a long time, as I lived and worked in Chicago I had no interest in growing anything but a few flowers until I moved to my 8 acre property in SC back in 2005,  then my passion for the farm returned.  I had a big garden and chickens and goats.  My ex-husband would always say "you can take the girl out of Wisconsin but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the girl".

Here are some pictures from my farm here in SC that I just sold this week:

Swamp Rabbit Inn Sponsor Urban Farm Tour in Greenville, SC IMG_3374 IMG_3385 swamp rabbit inn sponsor urban farm tour in greenville, sc IMG_3387

I am very happy to find events happening here in Greenville, SC that I can get behind and sponsor like the upcoming GOFO's Urban Farm Tour tomorrow, May 17th (tickets available at the door or online) and Cycle to Farm Tour (register online before full) on June 14.  Both events combine two things that I love - farm fresh food and bikes : ))

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If you are into that sort of thing too, please check out their sites and get your tickets to attend and help support local farming in your area.  Can't beat it!!

Greenville Urban Farm Tour

Cycle to Farm Greenville SC

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