Greenville, SC and Swamp Rabbit Inn Featured in VegWorld Magazine May Issue

When we receive an email from The Sparkle Boss, Taryn Scher, for Visit Greenville SC we always say YES and beautiful things happen like this wonderful article in VegWorld Magazine by our guest Robin Tierney!  We were thrilled to have her stay at our modern, bicycle friendly bed and breakfast in downtown Greenville, SC!  #yeahTHATgreenville #TravelersRestHere #bikeinnbikeout VegWorld Magazine

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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Marie Kernell 10X's State Champion Cross Country Coach and My BFF

This week on our weekly Facebook Live Video Inn Keeper, Wendy Lynam, chats with her Bestie, Marie Kernell.  We ran a contest (free SRI coffee mug) during the live broadcast to see who could come up with the correct answer to this question:  What title has Marie won 10 years in a row?? Yes, my BFF is a pretty amazing team builder and successful girl's cross country coach at St. Joseph's Catholic School in Greenville, SC.  She coached my oldest daughter, Katie, starting in 2006 ... back in the day.  That first year the girls came in second but every year after they have claimed the State Championship.  That's some great coaching and training and hard work!

Marie and her husband Joe have been by my side from the beginning when I started setting up the inns.  They have helped me put together all the IKEA furniture, paint the inns, and anything else I have needed.  I can not thank them enough and would not have been able to pull this off with out them.

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This week Marie and I chat from the big, comfy couch at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR in Travelers Rest, SC.  We talk about some of our favorite spots in TR and the fun trips we have taken together.  Scroll down for links to some of the places we mention in the video.  Thanks for watching and tune in every Wednesday at noon as I visit with new guests each week and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for some great contests and giveaways!!  #bikeinnbikeout

Next week tune in at noon on Wednesday on Facebook Live as we chat with, Ryan Heafy, creator of GVL Today, that super viral 6am email we can't live without to know exactly what is going on in and around Greenville and now Columbia, Charleston and Asheville.  Sure to be a good chat!!  See you next week and thanks for watching!  #bikeinnbikeout

Swamp Rabbit Inn's IKEA Story As We Learn Founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, Dies at Age 91

Here is the Swamp Rabbit Inn's IKEA story ...  Before I moved to Greenville, SC, I had lived three miles from IKEA in Oak Brook, IL but had never stepped foot in an IKEA.  That changed when I decided to open a bike friendly inn in downtown Greenville, SC in 2014.  I had just purchased a six bedroom house in the West End of Greenville that had been used as commercial office space.  I liked the location two blocks off Main Street and knew the area had potential, but it was still a bit dodgy.  

The Swamp Rabbit Inn Before


I stood on the front porch after I had the property under contract and looked across the street and saw people riding bikes on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 20+ mile paved bike trail connecting Greenville and Travelers Rest, SC.  The idea came to me at that moment to open a bike friendly inn and call it the Swamp Rabbit Inn.  That is how the story began and now here is how my obsession with IKEA design began...


It was a snowy Sunday, rare for Greenville, and I was sitting at my kitchen island in my jammies sipping coffee, paging through the IKEA catalogs I had brought back from my initial, tire kicking visit to IKEA in Charlotte, NC.  I was looking for a low cost, high impact, durable solution to furnishing and entire  six room inn so I decided to drive to the IKEA in Charlotte, NC the week before to see if the quality of the furniture would work for my new project.  I was overwhelmed on my first visit but also sold on the design and quality.   As I was paging through the catalogs, snowed in, I decided to start cutting out my favorite things and began putting the cuttings together to form vision boards for the guest rooms.



A theme was emerging from the patterns of the linens, rugs and pillows I chose - an animal theme.  I decide to name the six rooms at the Swamp Rabbit Inn the Moose, Owl, Double Owl, Chicken, Goat and Sheep Rooms based on the IKEA furnishings I chose.


By the time I was finished with my guest room vision boards, lost in the flow, I looked up and it was 3:00. The snow had melted and I had just enough time to drive to IKEA Charlotte and put in my order. I had all the item numbers, quantities and colors written down. I found the business section of IKEA and handed them my list of items and they started entering my order and I left the store two hours later with a delivery date.

(👀 at the gallery below to see how the finished rooms turned out!)



I loved the look so much I decided to furnish all the common areas and the kitchen in IKEA as well.  As you may or may not know, IKEA mostly ships unassembled, flat in boxes.  At one point I had floor to ceiling boxes in the living room and dining room of the inn.  Just a little overwhelming!!



Thank God for good friends and co workers who helped me assemble everything piece by piece and transform an a dull, commercial office building into a fresh, funky, modern, bike friendly inn two blocks from Main Street and two blocks from the Swamp Rabbit Trail.


Since that first order I have been back several times always armed with my list, doing the prep work ahead of time. I have furnished two inns and six vacation rentals entirely in IKEA. I would describe the results as funky and functional!

I still smile when I walk into the original Swamp Rabbit Inn and I am amazed at how it all came together and wonder how the ideas came to me. It really just flowed. IKEA has been an important part of our brand, helping us carve out our niche as a hotel alternative, DIYBNB, home away from home for our guests.

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Thank you, Ingvar Kamprad, for your vision and great design.  You have made great design affordable and helped this small business delight it's guests with a fun and funky vibe!  Your legacy lives and continues to be enjoyed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties! #bikeinnbikeout #BIKEA


Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of Ikea and Creator of a Global Empire, Dies at 91

It was not exactly so, as reporters found. His home was a villa overlooking Lake Geneva, and he had an estate in Sweden and vineyards in Provence. He drove a Porsche as well as the Volvo.

January 30th is National Plan For Vacation Day - That's Right!!

­  National Plan For Vacation Day


National Plan For Vacation Day - The Secret to Maximizing Your Vacation Time This Year 

By Wendy Lynam, Inn Keeper, Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties, Inc.

January 30, 2018

“So much to do, so little time.” While the phrase may sound like it perfectly describes our lives, research shows there actually is time.

Americans universally say that vacation days are important to them, yet 54 percent of workers aren’t using their hard-earned vacation time. Project: Time Off research found that workers are taking nearly a full week less of vacation than we did in 2000, resulting in a stockpile of 600 million unused vacation days.

The secret to achieving your travel goals this year, while maintaining your excellent employee status, is planning. Planning is the most important step in making vacation possible and, according to Project: Time Off, a majority (52%) of workers who set aside time each year to plan for travel take all their time off, compared to just 40 percent of non-planners. Planners also tend to take longer vacations: While three-in-four (75%) planners take a week or more at a time, non-planners take significantly fewer days—zero to three—than planners at once (42% to 18%).

The benefits of planning extend beyond days spent away from the office for rest and rejuvenation. Planners report greater happiness than non-planners with their relationships, health and well-being, company, and job. Their bosses are probably happier, too, since they’re in the loop on when you’re going to be out and can prepare accordingly.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take back your calendar and put vacation at the top of your list of priorities. Planning for vacation can be achieved in three simple steps:

  1. Determine how much time off you earn and identify the vacation policies at your workplace.
  2. Get to dreaming! How do you want to spend your time off this year?
  3. Plan out your days with Project: Time Off’s vacation planning tool and share with your manager, your colleagues, spouse—everyone!

This year, don’t let your vacation days be part of a statistic. Put the fear of missing out behind you and turn your bucket list into a to-do list by starting to plan now.

Need some ideas?

Stay at the Swamp Rabbit Inn in downtown Greenville, SC or downtown Travelers Rest, SC and ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 22 mile paved bike trail.  We rent bikes on site and even made a video to show you our favorite stops along the trail.  Watch below: After you are done with your bike ride stroll on down the lively Main Streets in both Travelers Rest or Greenville.  Take in a Greenville Drive baseball game, hike the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains or indulge your palette at the MANY great restaurants in both towns connected by bike trail.  Book your stay now!  #bikeinnbikeout


Read more about the importance of planning at

Swamp Rabbit Inn and Greenville, SC Featured in Washington Post

We were so thrilled to be featured in the Washington Post recently in an article about visiting Greenville, SC.  We had a great time riding the Swamp Rabbit Trail with reporter Dina Mishev and discussing all the great cycling routes in the Upstate of South Carolina, not to mention  all of our delicious restaurants and more.  So many reasons to plan your trip to Greenville, SC!  

Why you should visit Greenville, S.C.

GREENVILLE I've never fallen in love with a place as quickly as I did with Greenville. This was a surprise, because I arrived in South Carolina with low expectations. In the late '80s and early '90s, I spent most childhood school vacations and several weeks each summer visiting grandparents who lived elsewhere in the Palmetto State.

New Swamp Rabbit Trail Map and Video to Help Plan Your Stay at our Bike Friendly Inns in Downtown Greenville, SC or Travelers Rest, SC

Today we released our Swamp Rabbit Trail map and video highlighting our favorite stops along the trail which stretches from Greenville, SC to Travelers Rest, SC. Greenville, SC named one of the best places to visit and one of the best cycling cities in America. Come ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail and stop at the many restaurants, breweries, shops along the way and stay in our bike friendly inns along the trail.  We have an 8 room inn in downtown Travelers Rest, SC and a 6 room inn in downtown Greenville, SC right on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Swamp Rabbit Inn Travelers Rest, SC

Swamp Rabbit Inn Greenville, SC

The Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties has two inns, one in downtown Greenville, SC and one in downtown Travelers Rest, SC, close to Furman University and at the base of some of the best road cycling and mountain biking in the Upstate of South Carolina.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 20+ mile paved greenway trail connecting Greenville, SC to Travelers Rest, SC. It is mostly flat and perfect for all levels of cyclists. Bring your bike or rent a bike from the Bike Shed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn in downtown Greenville, SC.  Watch our tour of the trail below as we take you into some of our favorite stops along the way!

We welcome you and your bike into our IKEA adorned European style inns walking distance to downtown Greenville, SC and downtown Travelers Rest, SC.  After a great day of cycling grab a delicious dinner, craft beer, glass of wine or cocktail just out the front door of either Swamp Rabbit Inn.

We cater to cyclists with bike storage in the rooms and a trail map in each room.  Grab a copy of "Cycling Greenville" written by inn keeper, Wendy Lynam, before your visit to plan your rides.

Cycling Guidebook for Greenville South Carolina

You can cycle year round in the Upstate of South Carolina.  Whether you like riding on the trail, climbing mountains and rolling down country roads or shredding mountain bike trails, this area has it all right out our front door.  Book your bike getaway at and have a "Perfect Day in Greenville" on the Swamp Rabbit Trail!


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Love the map?  Get a printed copy of our Swamp Rabbit Trail map here- frame worthy!

Swamp Rabbit Trail Map by Swamp Rabbit Inn

Map by @thescribblestudio
Video by @amcprophoto

Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Take a Tour of Our New Property In Travelers Rest, SC

In March of 2017, we opened the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR on Main Street in downtown Travelers Rest, SC.  For years this property operated as the Magnolia Inn Bed and Breakfast.   We do things a little differently and offer vacation rentals and self serve options right across the street from the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Here is a video tour of the different lodging options we offer at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR.  Rent a room or the whole house at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR.  Click the big red "Book Now" button to check our availability and rates.

The Main House at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (4 bedrooms, 4 baths, full kitchen)

The Cottage at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (2 bedrooms, 2 baths, full kitchen)

The Studio at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (queen bed, sofa bed, full bath, kitchenette)

The Coach House at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (king bed, sofa bed, full bed, kitchenette)

Book your stay at the Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties and explore all that Greenville, SC and Travelers Rest, SC has to offer!  

Cycle the Swamp Rabbit Trail right outside our front door to some of the best riding in the Upstate of South Carolina.  Get our guidebook "Cycling Greenville, SC" with 20 great rides to help plan your visit to Greenville, SC.

Walk to restaurants, a Saturday morning Farmers Market, a craft brewery, coffee shops, local boutiques, art galleries and concerts at Trailblazer Park

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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Cycling Greenville and Travelers Rest, SC

It's no secret that the Upstate of South Carolina has great cycling!  If you are a rails to trails fan the Swamp Rabbit Trail is 22 miles of paved bike trail from Greenville, SC to Travelers Rest, SC, both wonderful destination rides just 10 miles apart.  This is a very doable ride for all levels of cyclists. Looking for something more challenging?  Mountain bikers and road cyclists alike can pick from varying degrees of difficulty as you move into the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains..

Check out 20 great rides in the area in Cycling Greenville guidebook written by Innkeeper, Wendy Lynam.

We've got both ends of the trail covered with the original Swamp Rabbit Inn in cosmopolitan, downtown Greenville, SC and now the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR in the hipster, mountain town of Travelers Rest, just 10 miles up the Swamp Rabbit Trail near Furman University.

Check out this week's video and please share : )

Our New Location, Swamp Rabbit TR, Mentioned in the Upstate Business Journal

This week we had the pleasure of talking with reporter Rudolph Bell with the Upstate Business Journal and appreciate the mention on their website!

Swamp Rabbit Inn opening sister location in Travelers Rest - Upstate Business Journal

Add a European-style inn to the businesses that have blossomed in Travelers Rest along the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail. Wendy Lynam, owner of the successful Swamp Rabbit Inn near the trail in downtown Greenville, is launching a sister inn near the trail in downtown Travelers Rest.

book a room at the swamp rabbit inn and ride the swamp rabbit trail

Swamp Rabbit Inn TR Mentioned By TR Tribune

Thank you to the TR Tribune for mentioning our new location, the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR at 426 S. Main Street, Travelers Rest, SC right on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 21 mile paved bike trail from Greenville, SC to Travelers Rest, SC.  

Greenville-based Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties buys Magnolia Inn in Travelers Rest

TRAVELERS REST, S.C. - Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties has purchased the Magnolia Inn in downtown Travelers Rest, adding to it's collection of bike-friendly hotel alternatives along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Located at 426 S. Main St., the property will operate as The Swamp Rabbit Inn TR, according to proprietor Wendy Lynam.


book a room at the swamp rabbit inn and ride the swamp rabbit trail

Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties Buys the Magnolia Inn in Travelers Rest, SC

The Magnolia Inn is now the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR For Immediate Release

January 16, 2017, Travelers Rest, SC - The Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties buys the Magnolia Inn in downtown Travelers Rest, SC to add to it's collection of bike-friendly hotel alternatives along the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

The Magnolia Inn has been operating in Travelers Rest since 2008 and includes a main house with three guest rooms, a full kitchen, dining room and living room. In addition to the main house is a coach house, a studio and a two bedroom cottage. There is also an RV/tiny house pad equipped with water, electricity and hi-speed internet. All guests can enjoy the pool area, gazebo, and beautiful grounds. The entire complex accommodates up to 16 people.

The property will operate as The Swamp Rabbit Inn TR and is located at 426 S. Main Street in the vibrant, trendy town of Travelers Rest. Just a few steps from the Swamp Rabbit Trail and many new restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, a craft brewery, farmers market, and outdoor concerts, guests will have many great options right out the front door.

Located in the Upstate of South Carolina, Travelers Rest is close to Greenville, SC and Furman, North Greenville and Clemson University. Guests can rent bikes on site or bring their own to ride all the world class cycling routes in the area. The Upstate is an outdoor lovers paradise with abundant trails, waterfalls, lakes and mountains.

In 2014, Wendy Lynam opened the first Swamp Rabbit Inn in downtown Greenville at 1 Logan Street catering to visitors and business travelers looking for an affordable, more relaxed alternative to a hotel. She has since added five more vacation rentals along the trail and the former Magnolia Inn will be the sixth in the collection of fresh and funky, IKEA adorned properties. "Many of our guests come here to cycle and explore the area's beautiful outdoor amenities by day and all the great restaurant and entertainment options by night. I have set up the properties to appeal to cyclists coming to enjoy our fabulous 21 mile Swamp Rabbit Trail the gateway to some of the best cycling in the Country."

There will be a big Estate Sale at the Magnolia Inn this Thursday, January 19 - 21, from 10 - 2 each day. 

To learn more about our new property, the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR or to book a room visit or for our complete list of properties visit #bikeinnbikeout


Contact Information:

Wendy Lynam, Owner


Press Kit 

Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties

The Magnolia Inn is now the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR Swamp Rabbit Trail in Travelers Rest, SC Wendy Lynam Owner of the Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties 

Fall Festival in Greenville SC: Hoptoberfest at the Swamp Rabbit Inn

We had such a great time with Truck INN Tuesdays this summer that we're at it again. We're hosting THE BEST fall festival in Greenville, SC. Join us October 25th from 4-7 for our first annual Hoptoberfest! Swamp Rabbit Inn is a hotel alternative in downtown Greenville, SC near Furman and Clemson

We're thrilled to have Charlotte bluegrass and Americana musicians My Girl My Whiskey and Me (and their sweet pup Homegirl), Automatic Taco food truck, and all our local Makers like Modern Forestry Soy Candles, Reedy River Farms, Greenville Goods, Jocie Pots, Bone and Ink, and many more.

Super excited to have our  special guests from Tennessee @brewbracelets and @thebeertrale. Give a listen to an episode of The Beer Trale, an entertaining look at the world of Craft Beer.  They will be coming here to do an episode Greenville's craft brewing community so please connect with before or at Hoptoberfest!

Of course, The Bike Shed at Swamp Rabbit Inn will be open as well. And no proper fall festival would be without a kids and pets costume parade!


Swamp Rabbit Inn is a hotel alternative in downtown Greenville, SC

If you're a local looking to partake in a family and pet friendly Sunday event, we're the fall festival for you. In town for the Hincapie Gran Fondo or other local event?  Join us for a fun, relaxing time! We look forward to seeing all our friends, fans, guests, and neighbors in a few short weeks.

P.S. Mark your calendars for our holiday event in the inn, Holiday Hoppinings, December 10th.

Greenville Named One Of CBS's 5 Top Travel Destinations for 2015

CBS This Morning just named it's top 5 picks for travel destinations US and Abroad for 2015 and Greenville, SC made the list!!  Thrilling news!  Also named were the Faroe Islands, Cuba, Berlin, Egypt and Los Angles.  Come visit if you haven't been here.  Who knows … you may not want to leave!  We're here to guide you. Click here to watch the story.

Come visit Greenville and stay with us!

Septembrew Fest Announced - Upstate Craft Breweries


Just announced "Septembrew Fest" the 1st Annual Upstate Craft Brewery Festival with all the craft breweries in the Upstate.  September 20th, 1pm - 5 pm at Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Tap Room.