Williams Hardware Owners - The McCarrell Sisters - Joyce and Nancy McCarrell - Getting the Party Started on the Swamp Rabbit Trail

This week I chat with the owners of The Cafe at Williams Hardware in Travelers Rest SC - sisters Joyce and Nancy McCarrell.  These two ladies were visionaries and got the party started by opening the first restaurant on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 20+ mile bike trail in Greenville SC running past Furman University to Travelers Rest SC.

Williams Hardware

They knew the trail would bring cyclists to this small town and they would want water, restrooms and nourishment.  Their hunch was more than right on!!  The 10 miles of trail between downtown Greenville and Travelers Rest became a destination ride because they opened a restaurant for people to ride to Travelers Rest, have lunch, and ride back to Greenville. This is what makes our bike trail unique.  There is a destination that most levels of bicyclists can do.  A place to grab a bite to eat, a drink, refuel and head back.

They serve Southern cuisine with hints of the delightfully unexpected.  They are open 7 days a week for lunch and serve breakfast too on Saturdays and Sundays.  My favorite items on the menu are the tomato okra soup, the Rueben (best in the area IMHO) and the blueberry goat cheese pie.  They publish daily specials on their website.

These ladies are no strangers to video.  Check out their amusing, informative videos here.  Come visit Travelers Rest and make a weekend of it or a staycation.  It is the perfect getaway with hiking, biking, dining, craft brewery, Farmers Market, wine tasting, concerts right out our front door!

Travelers Rest Hotels

Come check out the restaurants in Travelers Rest SC and have a delicious meal at Williams Hardware!  Book your stay at hotels in Travelers Rest SC at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR , Swamp Rabbit Lodge or Furman Cottage #bikeinnbikeout #travelersrestsc #travelersresthere

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Join us for our 4th Anniversary Celebration and Truck Inn Tuesday on June 12, 2018 from 6-9p, at 1 Logan Street, Greenville, SC 29601.  Darby Wilcox and Automatic Taco, what could be better??!!

Truck Inn Tuesday

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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video #9 - Thomas Craven

In this week's video, I chat with Thomas Craven, Director of Sports Operations, for Holowesko Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources cycling team.  We consider them our hometown team outfitted by Hincapie Sportswear (see below for a special 20% offer) run by Rich and George Hincapie.  The team trains at our Swamp Rabbit Lodge property every winter! Come experience Greenville, SC on two wheels and see why the pros love training and riding here and ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 20+ mile paved bike trail right out our front door!  We have two inns and six vacation rentals along the Swamp Rabbit Trail and will help you get the most out of your time here with our "Cycling Greenville, SC" guidebook with foreword by George Hincapie and our guest services list on our website and chalkboard walls at the inns have our favorite local suggestions!

Come ride the Hincapie Gran Fondo in October and enjoy a spectacular ride with three different distances and a wonder event following the ride.  Book your cycling getaway at the Swamp Rabbit Inn and Properties with locations in Greenville and Travelers Rest, SC or at Hotel Domestique, the Hincapie's beautiful boutique hotel in Travelers Rest, SC!

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Ride in style with Hincapie Sportswear and enter code SWAMPRABBIT for 20% off your cycling apparel order at hincapie.com #bikeinnbikeout

Double Owl Room

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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video #8 - John Durham - LOZ Band, Local Green Music

This week my guest was John Durham the producer of our Swamp Rabbit Music Fest now in it's third year!  John also plays bass for the L.O.Z. Band and coordinate a local music collaboration called Local Green Music.  We talk about L.O.Z's upcoming album to be released very soon, Lionz Fest at Quest Brewery in June and much more including our Summerfest reflections.  Cameo appearance by Uncle Doug at the end!  You'll want to watch this one all the way to the end!


Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video #6 - Wally Bishop - Leader of Team Vive and Creator of Vive Shake

This week my guest is, Wally Bishop, creator of Vive Shake and fearless leader of Team Vive and a nutrition and wellness coach at Wellness With Wally.  Listen to Wally's incredible personal story of overcoming obesity and building a life of wellness starting with a few steps which has turned into riding a bike for three days in a row for Ride to Remember to raise money for Alzheimers Association. We discuss cycling in Greenville, SC and one of our favorite upcoming rides, Wheels for Meals, April 28, 2018, starting at Trailblazer Park in Travelers Rest, right across from our inn in downtown TR.  Book your room today at the Swamp Rabbit Inn in Travelers Rest for the ride starting right out our front door!

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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video #5 - Taryn Scher - Sparkle Boss - TK PR

This week my guest is the Sparkle Boss, Taryn Scher, of TK PR the driving force behind a lot of National media attention Greenville, SC has received. One of Taryn's clients for many years has been Visit Greenville SC #yeahTHATgreenville and also Table 301 and Euphoria, a food and wine festival held in September in Greenville each year. Check out her work at http://tkpublicrelations.com


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Swamp Rabbit Weekly Video - Meredith Rigdon, Triathlete and President of Narrative Strategic Communications

Episode #4 - Meet the woman behind our email marketing, event marketing and PR for the inn, Meredith Rigdon, President of Narrative Strategic Communications, Inc.  She also races Half Ironman trialthons for team Tri Marni Coaching who host training camps at our Swamp Rabbit Lodge several times a year! We discuss how Meredith balances training, being a single mom and a solo entreprenuer and how she beat the BIG boys on a Strava stretch on Duncan Hill!!  She is a Trek Women's Advocate, a Velo Guide and a wonderful person to work with!  She goes the extra mile for her clients and gets results.

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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Ryan Heafy of GVL Today 6AM City Daily Email

Episode #3 - In this week's video Inn Keeper, Wendy Lynam, chats with Ryan Heafy, Director of Operations, at GVLToday and 6AMCity.  Ryan tells us the story of how this idea started and where it's headed. GVLtoday is your resource for trending topics and the best of what you need to know about Greenville, SC –curated, condensed and delivered to your inbox and social feeds every weekday morning.  Since it's launch in July of 2016, it has 31,000 newsletter subscribers and and now has expanded to Columbia and Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC.

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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Marie Kernell 10X's State Champion Cross Country Coach and My BFF

This week on our weekly Facebook Live Video Inn Keeper, Wendy Lynam, chats with her Bestie, Marie Kernell.  We ran a contest (free SRI coffee mug) during the live broadcast to see who could come up with the correct answer to this question:  What title has Marie won 10 years in a row?? Yes, my BFF is a pretty amazing team builder and successful girl's cross country coach at St. Joseph's Catholic School in Greenville, SC.  She coached my oldest daughter, Katie, starting in 2006 ... back in the day.  That first year the girls came in second but every year after they have claimed the State Championship.  That's some great coaching and training and hard work!

Marie and her husband Joe have been by my side from the beginning when I started setting up the inns.  They have helped me put together all the IKEA furniture, paint the inns, and anything else I have needed.  I can not thank them enough and would not have been able to pull this off with out them.

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This week Marie and I chat from the big, comfy couch at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR in Travelers Rest, SC.  We talk about some of our favorite spots in TR and the fun trips we have taken together.  Scroll down for links to some of the places we mention in the video.  Thanks for watching and tune in every Wednesday at noon as I visit with new guests each week and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for some great contests and giveaways!!  #bikeinnbikeout

Next week tune in at noon on Wednesday on Facebook Live as we chat with, Ryan Heafy, creator of GVL Today, that super viral 6am email we can't live without to know exactly what is going on in and around Greenville and now Columbia, Charleston and Asheville.  Sure to be a good chat!!  See you next week and thanks for watching!  #bikeinnbikeout

Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Sarah Polite aka NYCFoodieFinder

We started something new this week and hope you will enjoy this weekly Facebook Live video Wednesdays at noon with Inn Keeper, Wendy Lynam, from the Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties.  Wendy will talk with special guests, take field trips around the area, and introduce you to the people and places that make Greenville an exceptional place to visit and live. This week on our very first video Wendy chats with Sarah Polite aka NYC Foodie Finder about her very first visit to Greenville, SC and then her decision to come back to Greenville ... and STAY!!  Sarah used to work at the Dr. Oz Show in NYC.  We also catch up with Sarah and hear about her recent assignment.  She just returned from a special three month assignment at Hilton Head Health, a wellness resort about four hours from Greenville.  Watch the video below and tune in each week live on Facebook or subscribe to get the videos delivered to your inbox.

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Come visit Greenville, SC at the Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties and ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail!