Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video #5 - Taryn Scher - Sparkle Boss - TK PR

This week my guest is the Sparkle Boss, Taryn Scher, of TK PR the driving force behind a lot of National media attention Greenville, SC has received. One of Taryn's clients for many years has been Visit Greenville SC #yeahTHATgreenville and also Table 301 and Euphoria, a food and wine festival held in September in Greenville each year. Check out her work at http://tkpublicrelations.com


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Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Sarah Polite aka NYCFoodieFinder

We started something new this week and hope you will enjoy this weekly Facebook Live video Wednesdays at noon with Inn Keeper, Wendy Lynam, from the Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties.  Wendy will talk with special guests, take field trips around the area, and introduce you to the people and places that make Greenville an exceptional place to visit and live. This week on our very first video Wendy chats with Sarah Polite aka NYC Foodie Finder about her very first visit to Greenville, SC and then her decision to come back to Greenville ... and STAY!!  Sarah used to work at the Dr. Oz Show in NYC.  We also catch up with Sarah and hear about her recent assignment.  She just returned from a special three month assignment at Hilton Head Health, a wellness resort about four hours from Greenville.  Watch the video below and tune in each week live on Facebook or subscribe to get the videos delivered to your inbox.

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Connect and follow Sarah Polite: Instagram @NYCFoodieFinder (great Insta story!!) Website: sarahpolite.com (follow her journey at Hilton Head Health)

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