Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video - Take a Tour of Our New Property In Travelers Rest, SC

In March of 2017, we opened the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR on Main Street in downtown Travelers Rest, SC.  For years this property operated as the Magnolia Inn Bed and Breakfast.   We do things a little differently and offer vacation rentals and self serve options right across the street from the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Here is a video tour of the different lodging options we offer at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR.  Rent a room or the whole house at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR.  Click the big red "Book Now" button to check our availability and rates.

The Main House at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (4 bedrooms, 4 baths, full kitchen)

The Cottage at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (2 bedrooms, 2 baths, full kitchen)

The Studio at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (queen bed, sofa bed, full bath, kitchenette)

The Coach House at the Swamp Rabbit Inn TR (king bed, sofa bed, full bed, kitchenette)

Book your stay at the Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties and explore all that Greenville, SC and Travelers Rest, SC has to offer!  

Cycle the Swamp Rabbit Trail right outside our front door to some of the best riding in the Upstate of South Carolina.  Get our guidebook "Cycling Greenville, SC" with 20 great rides to help plan your visit to Greenville, SC.

Walk to restaurants, a Saturday morning Farmers Market, a craft brewery, coffee shops, local boutiques, art galleries and concerts at Trailblazer Park

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Oh My Fur and Whiskers!


Well, hello there!  It seems like a fine time to introduce myself.  My name is Persimmon and I am a Swamp Rabbit!  You can call me “Percy” for short.  Perhaps you’ve heard about my cousin’s boy, “Blue”. There’s a whole book about Blue and his bicycle.  The Latin term for my family is Sylvilagus Aquaticus.  The first word means we are cottontails and the second word means we can swim!  Me and mine have been watching you and yours come and go in Greenville for generations.

I was born in a soft, warm burrow on the banks of the Reedy River back in 19…, well, sometime ago.  I’ve watched Greenville go through enormous changes over these many years.  There was a time, when I was a tiny kit, when lots of your folk were going away from Greenville.  That all seemed to turn around right about the time a new art museum and library opened up north aways from the river.  More hustle and bustle came along when y’all started pulling up the railroad tracks near my home.  Then a brand new commotion started.  They were calling it the "Swamp Rabbit Trail"!  A trail just for my family!?  Not quite.

I was getting a little grey in the whiskers by then and didn’t care much for the noise.  I packed my things and went exploring to put a bit of distance between me and all those wheels and sneakers!  I found a nice spot on Logan Street under a shady tree in front of an old, sleepy two story house that had been turned into an office building.  Then that place started to get sleepier and quieter.  Perfect!  But not for long.  Yet another commotion began.  Construction! Drills and saws and delivery trucks.  Then a new building started going up behind that!  I thought I had made a huge mistake.  Slowly things began to calm down again.  The construction sounds subsided and I began to hear pleasant sounds, happier sounds.  There was laughter and music, and the smell of good food.

The  Storied History of My Kind

The sign read: “Swamp Rabbit Inn”.  Hmmm!  My folks seemed to be awfully popular with your folks!  I took it as a sign that I should stick around.  Since then there have been great parties and wonderful people, birthdays, bachelorettes, bike rides, even dancing around the bonfire on the Fourth of July.  Everyone that comes to the Inn really seems to enjoy life a little more while they are here.  The place is always warm and bright.  In the last year the bike shed went up, and a hay bale garden was planted (thank y’all, ever so kindly, Mmm mmm!), not to mention the tower garden on the deck (again, thank you).  They had that problem with General Pickens, the rooster… but that’s another story,  and now some chickens have moved in!  I hear those fresh eggs are something indeed!

Henrietta and Hildegard

Plenty of meetings happen here.  I guess the breezy layout lends itself to straight talk and making progress. There has been quite a bit of romance going on around the Inn, too.  I’ve seen a fair bit of cuddling on the front porch, kissing in the porch swing, snuggling on the upper deck and slow dancing on the back deck. Just when you thought no bunny was looking! Kind of lends a sweet glow to the place.  Blame the shenanigans on all that great music, singing, beer and fancy food.  The colorful atmosphere of the Inn seems to Inn-spire you two-legged types to kick up your heels and let your hare down.  From the looks of it, it would require great effort to avoid enjoyment at this humble establishment.

I have greatly enjoyed witnessing the comings and goings while I hop about my business.  The group of gals who run the place are all so kind and gracious to those who visit.  I love how they always leave the garden trimmings within easy reach.  The spot under the front steps is nice and cool in the summer and the laundry vents are great for taking the chill off in the winter.

As the earth tumbles into a new year I will be here, keen to cast an eye and bend an ear to report on the all hoppenings.  In warmer months I tend to blend and keep my profile low, but if you see my paw prints in the snow be sure and shout hello!  I’m enjoying taking notes and watching Greenville grow.