Bike Out, Bike Inn and Bike it all About do a little wheelie and spin it all around... Bikabout-Megan-Ramey-holding-hands-with-daughter-biking

First a little news and shout out.  Megan and Kyle Ramey of Bikabout swirled through Greenville along with their adorable daughter, had a fabulous time and really did us proud.  Bikabout's stated mission:  "Inspire 2-wheeled tourism in great biking cities with gateway drugs for the bike curious AND donate 25% of revenue to transportation advocacy."


Sounds good to us!  Check out their glowing review and travel tips on Greenville HERE.  Thank you, Bikeabout!  It was our pleasure!

the road to TelluRIDE

As outlined in a previous post this bicycle tourism phenomenon is getting outta hand!  Pretty soon it won’t be a phenomenon and will be, well, just a way of life here in the States, and we couldn’t be happier!  Think traveling by bike is a big a deal?  A production?  Not really.  A little planing is required, yes, but it’s a total gas and the feeling of freedom can’t be beat!

June 3 - 5, 2016 is National Bike Travel Weekend!  Of course the Swamp Rabbit Inn is participating!

Adventure Cycling, now in its 40th year is urging you to give it a try: “Gather up your family, friends, bike clubs, youth groups or adventure buddies, and go on a bike overnight to your favorite campground, nearby park, public land, hotel, cabin, B & B, hostel, Warm Showers host, or a friend's backyard during  Experience the joy of bicycle travel with thousands of other cyclists in North America on the same weekend.


Big groups, small groups, solo bike travelers — one person or 100 people — one night or two nights: it’s your choice. You’re in charge.

Explore the interactive map of bike overnights, and get inspired to plan your own bike overnight or join an exisiting one. Connect with one of over 200 National Bike Travel Weekend ambassadors from more than 40 states for bike travel resources in your area. Register your trip for a chance to win an Adventure Cycling 40th anniversary Salsa Marrakesh touring bicycle.”

Look for the Swamp Rabbit Inn weekend on the interactive map.  The Bike Overnights page has all the resources you need to prepare.  Our details are below this cute picture of traveling companions.

Ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Start Location:

The Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties

Number of participants: 12

Ride Description:

Ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 22 mile paved bike trail (rail trail) perfect for all types of bikes and all levels of cycling. Ride from the Swamp Rabbit Inn in downtown Greenville, SC and stop at local eateries, breweries and downtown Greenville attractions.

Stops at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery carrying all things local and baking great breads, scones and pastries. Ride up to Furman University and around it's scenic campus, named one of the most beautiful campuses in America.

Ride to the end of the trail to the bustling little town of Travelers Rest, SC brought to life by this trail. Home to great on trail eateries like Sidewall Pizza, The Cafe at Williams Hardware and Tandem Creperie. Stop for a craft beer at the Swamp Rabbit Brewery.

Those with road bikes might like to veer off the trail for some great climbs up Paris Mountain, Little Texas Road and Tubbs Mountain all detailed in "Cycling Greenville" guidebook.

Friday details:

Mileage: 20

Friday overnight location:

Swamp Rabbit Inn: 1 Logan Street, Greenville SC

Saturday details:

Mileage: 25

Saturday overnight location:

Swamp Rabbit Inn: 1 Logan Street, Greenville SC

Sunday details:

Mileage: 20

We assure you that with one good vista to give you that ‘master of all I survey’ feeling you get when traveling light by bike, you’ll be hooked and want to plan more outings and spread the word.

Meet Percy the Swamp Rabbit of the Swamp Rabbit Inn


Meet AJ Maronie Our Queen of Clean

AJ Maronie

Considering that our Head of Housekeeping just had a birthday we could say her sign is Capricorn but if you asked our guests at the Swamp Rabbit Inn they would tell you that AJ’s sign is “Welcome”.  Warm as hot cider in January and refreshing as a cold lemonade in July, AJ Maronie is just one of those people who has a knack for putting others at ease.

Aj Maronie and Wendy Lynam Swamp Rabbit inn

It’s not surprising, considering she is the oldest of four children, two boys and two girls, born to her young parents in Laurens, South Carolina.  Her folks divorced early on and her father went to work in Washington DC.  When AJ’s mother would go to work in the hosiery factory, AJ would look after her siblings and keep the house in order.  She was often called a “mother hen” even as a young girl.  She considered herself serious, shy, and an ‘old soul’, preferring to go her own way rather than follow the crowd.

Visiting her father in DC every summer gave AJ an experience of a larger world, and the bustle of the international city fueled her dreams.  But it was marriage that would bring her there as an adult.

Mack and AJ

She met her husband, Mack in a club in Laurens when she was 16.  She had seen him only once before.  He had just started college and had a car. He had given AJ and her sister a ride home from town one day and though AJ sat behind the driver’s seat, Mack kept adjusting his rear view mirror to gaze at her.  He literally spotted her across the crowded room of the club and came over to ask her to dance.  She accepted.  The fast song ended and when the slow one began she was nervous but gave him a chance, stuck it out, and something just clicked.  Ever the gentleman, Mack worked hard to win her heart with love letters, potted flowers (so they would grow, not just wither and die) and even did silly things like push ups on the lawn to impress her!  They married a few years after AJ graduated high school and then moved to the big city.

DC indulged AJ’s love of music “ I’m a cuckoo bird without my music!” she says.  She also loved the cosmopolitan atmosphere and her job as a dental assistant but the harsher realities of city life began to put a strain on the marriage.

Savannah Georgia and Tybee Island were the antidote.  The couple had family there.  They joined a new church and settled into what seemed like a more “grownup”, sedate lifestyle.  AJ always had a flair for making a house a home and it gave her joy to host dinner parties and tend her garden.  She explored the city by bicycle, convertible and on roller skates, swam in the ocean and went on fishing excursions with her family.  She discovered her 'nature girl' side, hiking, exploring the woods and learning about herbal medicine.  At one point she held an unlikely job as a security officer for a gated community in Hilton Head.  Part of her job was keeping hoodlums from breaking into the pool at night and indulging in... ‘intimate activities’.  “ I was tiny but I was tough!” she recalls.  It was a wild experience.  We can just imagine!

AJ and Chefs

Life took a serious turn five years ago when her father-in-law passed away and then her little sister became terminally ill.  That is what brought AJ and Mack back to South Carolina and Greenville.  Anita Michelle was known as Chelle and considered ‘the stylish one’ of the two sisters.  Unfortunately, they had grown apart over many years.  But in those last years when AJ cared for Chelle the two truly became best friends.  This is the time that AJ cherishes most of all.

AJ Holidays

As you can see our Housekeeping Queen has a long herstory of caring for others, a knack for nurturing and looking after folks.  Her marriage to Mack has been going strong for 30 years.  AJ is looking forward to building her career here in Greenville.  The couple is working toward owning a home again.  She has six assorted nieces and nephews to dote on.  When asked what her ideal retirement retreat would be the answer was easy:  an island somewhere surrounded by flowers, with great music where she and Mack can dance on the beach.

Photos credit: ovsjournalists

Sounds perfect!  We raise our tropical umbrella drinks to you, AJ (on a winter's evening where the forecast includes snow).  Thank you for sharing your island breezy attitude and big warm heart with all who visit the Swamp Rabbit Inn.

Meet Percy the Swamp Rabbit of the Swamp Rabbit Inn


Events Happening at Swamp Rabbit Lodge

The Swamp Rabbit Lodge is quickly becoming a hotspot of activity, especially for our athletically-inclined guests. Just last week we were privileged to have TriMarni hold their triatholon camp at the Lodge.  Here's what they had to say: "Our first Greenville Trimarni camp is now complete!! Blog recap posts to come..... We knew our campers would be exhausted on day 4 but we didn't take it easy onthem. 

We started with a recon ride of our run course and then a climb up and down Paris Mountain followed by a very technical course before repeating the climb up to Paris Mountain one more time with a very strong effort. ~3600 feet of climbing. After the ride, a quick transition to our 7-mile run. ~950 feet of climbing on a beautiful hilly course with a "best effort" up Roe Ford road to finish off camp.

What an amazing group of athletes who gave 100% for every workout at camp. We are all exhausted, hungry and extremely sore.......Trimarni Greenville camp was a great success! Karel and I can't wait to plan our next Greenville camp!!

Thank you to our amazing photographers Taylor and Elizabeth and to Tricia and Taylor for providing the BEST SAG Support throughout our camp. We were well hydrated and fueled thanks to them!

Thank you Trimarni camp sponsors: Run In Veronica's Health Crunch Clif Bar TrainingPeaks Canari Cyclewear

And thank you Swamp Rabbit Lodge for providing the perfect place for our campers to stay!"

We're also excited to announce Velo Girl Rides First Annual Upstate SC Tour. This is currently open to the public and is held at the Swamp Rabbit Lodge from October 21-25. Enjoy great accommodations, fully sagged and support ride, and fun camaraderie with fellow cyclists. It's sure to fill quickly so reserve your space today.

In Case You Missed Our Sneak Peek at the Swamp Rabbit Inn, Greenville, SC

Here is an online sneak peek of the six bedroom European style inn that we fondly refer to as the Swamp Rabbit Inn.  We welcome anyone to this inn and particularly those who like to explore on two wheels.  Please enjoy this sneak peek of the Swamp Rabbit Inn which will open in June 2014 and share with your friends.  Book whole house by calling 864-517-4617 or individual rooms online now!