My First Hostel Experience - Not So Hostel, Charleston, SC

I traveled to Charleston, SC this past weekend to work the Charleston Marathon and decided to check out Not So Hostel.  This was my first experience staying at a hostel and I have heard great things about this place.

Swamp Rabbit Inn Greenville, SCI checked in Friday night and after a long day of work and found the staff to be very attentive.  The parking was very easy behind the hostel and within five minutes I was in my room.  It was pretty small and I had to make my own bed.  I am not complaining, but those are the facts.  The rates are very affordable for Charleston and the hostel is in a great location, near MUSC an the Citadel.

Not So HostelI decided to stay at the hostel because I am working on opening an inn in downtown Greenville this spring and wanted to compare the amenities to what I am planning to offer and get some ideas.  There were two kitchens (looked like the home was once a duplex)  and one bath for the entire place from what I could gather.  It was pretty quiet considering it was almost full.  Every one was very respectful and friendly.  Good set up for twenty year olds which seemed to be the demographics of the group.

Not So Hostel, Charleston, SCNot So Hostel, Charleston, SC

What I really loved about this place was the location!  I found a great breakfast place that had just opened two days before, Sunrise Bistro Express.  They had homemade corned beef hash and it was a really cozy place to sit.

Sunrise Bistro Express, Charleston, SC

Amazing corned beef hash


I was really impressed with how well both the hostel and this new eatery were managed by people half my age.  Both places were very inviting and casual, not overdone at all but perfect service.  It was a good experience overall but I have to admit I am spoiled and prefer more amenities when I stay out of town.  I do love to camp however and would label my first hostel experience as "indoor camping".

Have you stayed in hostels?  Am I being a wimp?  Share your comments below.