Pepper Palace Team Stay at the Swamp Rabbit Lodge

Downtown Greenville, SC was this year's sponsor city for the US Professional Cycling Criterium Championships on April 18th. Swamp Rabbit Inn hosts Pepper Palace Pro Cycling Team

The Swamp Rabbit Lodge proved to be an ideal location for the Pepper Palace Professional Women's Cycling Team: about as close to the Swamp Rabbit Trail to downtown Greenville as one can get, while providing the ladies peace and tranquility to focus on their race.

Pepper Palace Pro Cycling Team

A late arrival and rainy weather was not the best welcome but they all settled in nicely, using the covered porches to warm up on their bike trainers while the rain came down. When the weather was clear, the women explored Travelers Rest, including Tandem Creperie, the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and eventually into downtown Greenville's Coffee Underground. Rested, relaxed, and ready to race, the Peppers scored a second place!

Pepper Palace Pro Cycling Team on Podium at #CritNats in Greenville SC

Hope to see these ladies again for more races and team camps...