Bicycle Basket Flower Boxes Project at the Bike Shed - Swamp Rabbit Inn Weekly Video

Rent a bike in downtown Greenville SC from the Bike Shed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn This week we got creative and made some bicycle basket flower boxes.  Watch the video below to learn how.

The Bike Shed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn officially opened for the season this weekend and we have been busy, between bike rentals, sprucing up the place. There were these rickety, metal baskets on our red cruiser bikes and Wendy removed them and almost threw them away, then had an idea! Watch the video below to see how the bicycle baskets were put to use in a new way.

We love doing (Pinterest worthy) projects at the Swamp Rabbit Inn and repurposing found objects in unusual ways.  If you like the video please share it and Pin It!

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The Bike Shed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn rents bikes to ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail just out our front door. Call 864-517-4617 to rent a bike in downtown Greenville, SC.