Swamp Rabbit Inn Q&A With Bill Clevlen Author of "100 Things to Do in America Before You Die"

It's that time of year to search out a great Summer read and plan some cool trips with the family!  Check out this new book from Bill Clevlen "100 Things to Do in America Before You Die".  Greenville, SC is mentioned in his book and specifically our beautiful Falls Park.  Yes, Greenville has a waterfall with a suspension bridge, The Liberty Bridge, in the middle of our lively, cosmopolitan downtown! During his book launch he visited downtown Greenville, SC and we had the pleasure of hosting him at the Swamp Rabbit Inn.  Bill and I met on Twitter (@ontheroadwithbc) and I had invited him to come check out the inn the next time he was coming through Greenville.  I have met some of the coolest people on Twitter and then in real life.  It's pretty amazing!!  I digress ...

Anyway, here is the Q&A between Bill and I during his trip to downtown Greenville, SC.  Hope you enjoy and check out his book and book a room at the Swamp Rabbit Inn if you want to get started knocking off that list this Summer! Rent a bike at the Bike Shed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn and hop on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and ride right past the waterfall and bridge at Falls Park.  We even have bike baskets if you want to pack a picnic!  #bikeinnbikeout


Q&A x10 - Greenville's Swamp Rabit Inn

Greenville, South Carolina is one of my favorite cities! When the opportunity came up to make a return visit, of course, I jumped at the chance! The people of Greenville are super friendly, there must be 200 places to wine and dine downtown and of course - the stunning Falls Park is worth the visit on its own.

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