Swamp Rabbit Inn Q&A With Bill Clevlen Author of "100 Things to Do in America Before You Die"

It's that time of year to search out a great Summer read and plan some cool trips with the family!  Check out this new book from Bill Clevlen "100 Things to Do in America Before You Die".  Greenville, SC is mentioned in his book and specifically our beautiful Falls Park.  Yes, Greenville has a waterfall with a suspension bridge, The Liberty Bridge, in the middle of our lively, cosmopolitan downtown! During his book launch he visited downtown Greenville, SC and we had the pleasure of hosting him at the Swamp Rabbit Inn.  Bill and I met on Twitter (@ontheroadwithbc) and I had invited him to come check out the inn the next time he was coming through Greenville.  I have met some of the coolest people on Twitter and then in real life.  It's pretty amazing!!  I digress ...

Anyway, here is the Q&A between Bill and I during his trip to downtown Greenville, SC.  Hope you enjoy and check out his book and book a room at the Swamp Rabbit Inn if you want to get started knocking off that list this Summer! Rent a bike at the Bike Shed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn and hop on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and ride right past the waterfall and bridge at Falls Park.  We even have bike baskets if you want to pack a picnic!  #bikeinnbikeout


Q&A x10 - Greenville's Swamp Rabit Inn

Greenville, South Carolina is one of my favorite cities! When the opportunity came up to make a return visit, of course, I jumped at the chance! The people of Greenville are super friendly, there must be 200 places to wine and dine downtown and of course - the stunning Falls Park is worth the visit on its own.

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Bike Month in Greenville Just Keeps on Pumpin'!

Keep your helmets fastened, kiddos, 'cause the pace is not letting up!

This Saturday continues the spirit of Bike Month with the Blessing of the Bikes in front of  M. Judson Books on Main.  And then Stephanie Morgan held story time on the front the steps with that book "Hey Blue!" about my cousin's kid, Blue, the bike riding bunny rabbit (wonder where he gets it from?!?).

M. Judson

Later that day the expo for the Mountains to Main Street Triathlon and Half Marathon was held almost next door at  the Marriot Courtyard   where The Swamp Rabbit Inn manned a booth.

On Sunday morning bright and early the race began with the swim in the ultra-pure waters of Lake Keowee in Seneca, SC, and your faithful Swamp Rabbit hopped along for all the action...

Then the bike ride commenced along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  After the ride the participants ran along the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail, around Furman Lake, then toward the city with a finish line overlooking the Reedy River and Reedy Falls in award-winning downtown Greenville, SC.

Congrats, Everybody!!!  You looked fabulous out there!

Now hang with us a little longer here, because May is not done and there are a few diversions left to take inn.  Need a little break from biking?  Well, I suppose you can always easily ride your bike to these events, too,  if you choose (we recommend it)!  The 22nd Annual Upstate Shakespeare Festival begins May 22nd (tonight!) and continues through July 31 in Falls Park.  Shows are FREE and start at 7 pm. See "As You Like It" in May and June, and "Julius Caesar" in July.

Shakespeare in Falls Park

Remember when we warned you:  The Scottish are coming!!!??  Well they are almost here. Gallabrae -Greenville Scottish Games will be hurling away May 27th - 28th.  The Great Scot parade marches down Main Street in downtown Greenville Friday the 27th at 6 pm and the games take place on the 28th, all day, at Furman campus. They call them "Heavy Athletics".  Uh huh!


Did someone say "Where's the beer?" ?  It's Greenville, surely the beer is near!  If you can tear yourself away from the parade, tap into the wild at the Brew in the Zoo, also on the 27th, from 6:30 pm t0 9:00 pm. Adults 21 and older can sample an assortment of beers and enjoy food and live music while exploring the zoo after-hours.  All proceeds benefit various programs throughout the zoo.


Greenville Zoo

See?  Come to Greenville.  Work up a sweat.  Hydrate.  Watch some other folks work up a sweat.  Hand up a beverage.  Get some culture.  Have a beer!  Repeat!  That's a summer day in Greenville!

betterbun copy

After seeing that racer I think I'll rock the rainbow "hare" one more time.  Cheers!


Frolic and Play the Falls Park Way!


" ...Walking in a,  er,  spring-ish?, Wonderland! "

Take my coat, please!  I spent all of November cultivating this thick, glorious tweed and now I wish it had buttons!  It's much too heavy for 70+ degrees.  But, boy what a nice weekend we had!


We all know by now that the weather went wacky all across America this past week and  made for a surreal holiday that no one will soon forget.  So I gathered some sights of the ways we handled the phenomenon here in Greenville.


While alarming reports of tornados and floods swirled around us, we worried for our neighbors, but the rains fell warm and soft upon the Upstate. 


On Christmas eve, while the West Coast was snuggled in and freezing, we strolled the West End enjoying balmy breezes! 


Christmas day was blustery but mild as midmorning streets filled with the sound of children happily playing in shorts and Ts. 


Boxing Day was for bronzing!  Acres of exposed flesh came out to soak up the sun.  Traffic on the Swamp Rabbit Trail started early as cyclists fanned out across the county to get in the sunshiny miles.


Hearts were light and smiles plentiful as Greenvillians frolicked in Falls Park.



Air conditioners were blasting in the shops and the Inn was no exception.  Our guests had a bit of confusion for a moment getting the control panel to switch the mode to “cool”, but the staff soon got it sorted.  I watched as the young family set off from the driveway with stroller and sandals to explore our Downtown on foot on a blissfully perfect day.


The attendants squeegeeing the ice at the outdoor rink, Ice on Main, were doing their level best to keep things smooth, but frankly, it was getting a little slushy.


The beginners class was toughing it out, but as you can see by the boy in the background hanging from the railing, there was a lot of slippin' and slidin'!


Rainbows, unicorns and a high of 75º in #yeahTHATgreenville!  We've got it all!


A glance at the forecast shows that Twenty Sixteen promises to debut with a return to our regular winter programming.  But wow!  What a great respite to find under the tree!