Frolic and Play the Falls Park Way!


" ...Walking in a,  er,  spring-ish?, Wonderland! "

Take my coat, please!  I spent all of November cultivating this thick, glorious tweed and now I wish it had buttons!  It's much too heavy for 70+ degrees.  But, boy what a nice weekend we had!


We all know by now that the weather went wacky all across America this past week and  made for a surreal holiday that no one will soon forget.  So I gathered some sights of the ways we handled the phenomenon here in Greenville.


While alarming reports of tornados and floods swirled around us, we worried for our neighbors, but the rains fell warm and soft upon the Upstate. 


On Christmas eve, while the West Coast was snuggled in and freezing, we strolled the West End enjoying balmy breezes! 


Christmas day was blustery but mild as midmorning streets filled with the sound of children happily playing in shorts and Ts. 


Boxing Day was for bronzing!  Acres of exposed flesh came out to soak up the sun.  Traffic on the Swamp Rabbit Trail started early as cyclists fanned out across the county to get in the sunshiny miles.


Hearts were light and smiles plentiful as Greenvillians frolicked in Falls Park.



Air conditioners were blasting in the shops and the Inn was no exception.  Our guests had a bit of confusion for a moment getting the control panel to switch the mode to “cool”, but the staff soon got it sorted.  I watched as the young family set off from the driveway with stroller and sandals to explore our Downtown on foot on a blissfully perfect day.


The attendants squeegeeing the ice at the outdoor rink, Ice on Main, were doing their level best to keep things smooth, but frankly, it was getting a little slushy.


The beginners class was toughing it out, but as you can see by the boy in the background hanging from the railing, there was a lot of slippin' and slidin'!


Rainbows, unicorns and a high of 75º in #yeahTHATgreenville!  We've got it all!


A glance at the forecast shows that Twenty Sixteen promises to debut with a return to our regular winter programming.  But wow!  What a great respite to find under the tree!